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Happy Mothers Day – You take all my pain away

Udti khabar wishes all the mothers in the world a happy mothers day

“MUMMY”… This is the first word which naturally comes out of my mouth (or from my heart I should say) whenever I am in pain. Such is the love of a mother. It is said that when you are happy you remember the person you love the most and when you are in pain or sad then you remember the person who loves you the most. And every time I am down, whether my toe accidentally hits a stone or I am emotionally drained, I call your name. No matter how big or small the pain is your name is enough to ease it. Mothers Day is an occasion for many people to give a tribute towards mothers.

I never say it in front of you (because it is so hard to say I Love You to people who you really love) but I love you the most. I act so cool in front of you like I can handle everything but the truth is that I need you the most in my life. Without you, I am lost. Forget about facing the tough challenges of life, without you I can’t even find my socks. I need you whenever I need something and even when I don’t need something, I still need you. That’s why whenever I come home and I don’t see you I always ask dad “Where is Mom?”. I always ask this question whether I need something from you or not. And I don’t feel calm until I see your face. Your presence always makes me feel good.

No other woman in this world can love me more than you. Your love is unconditional and selfless. You never ask for anything in return. All you want is me to be happy. I still remember when I small and wanted to go outside and play or watch my favorite show but I was afraid to say in front of dad. I would ask you and you would convince him to let me do my stuff. I always knew that you would always take my side. Whenever dad would get angry at me you would save me from the scoldings. I remember whenever I got bad marks in the exams, I use to tell you first hoping that you will save me from dad’s anger. You are my life savior.

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There were times when I would fight with you and dad and go to sleep without eating and you would quietly come to me with food and make me eat. Whenever I fell sick you would not sleep. You would stay awake the whole night taking care of me. There are countless things you have done for me and the family. No words are enough to thank you. No love is greater than yours.

I know that I have never told you but I cherish everything that you have done for me. On this mothers day, I want to tell you that you are and will always be the most important person in my life. Love you mom and happy mothers day. May you live long and always be with me.

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