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Yamraj sends 4 Letters of indication to everyone before death

yamraj sends 4 Letters of indications to everyone before death

Hi, today we are going to discuss a religious deity who is the most popular personality among human beings and no one wants to invite him to their place because he is responsible for taking people from their loved ones. Yes, we are writing about Yamraj- The god of death when the name “Yamraj” came up, everyone gets goosebumps. You Probably heard this punch line “Yam hai Hum”.The character of Yamraj is very fearful with a crown of two horns. He has red eyes, a big mustache, and big black buffalo and comes to bring soul after death.

Experiences of People Who Died and Came Back to Life: Everyone knows that whoever has taken birth on this earth will die one day. In the clock of Yamraj, whether a king or a beggar, everyone has to enter into the world of death. In this world, there are many lucky people who had almost died, but now they are alive. According to these people, there are amazing things that happen to you when you die. Below mentioned are experiences of people who died and came back to life

  1. The majority of lucky people who have died said they saw a light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Many people had “out of body experience” and they saw their lifeless bodies beneath them when they were likely dead.
  3. Many people who had died and came back to life say that they saw their already deceased relatives while stopping off in the afterlife some people claimed they saw their mother and father.
Experiences of People Who Died and Came Back to Life

Yamraj comes to take soul

Story behind Yamraj’s 4 Letters of indications before death

This storytelling is the truth behind 4 letters or conditions that indicate death is coming. In ancient times, there was a man by the name of Amrita living on earth near the banks of Yamuna. Amrita wants to be immortal on this earth so he started to do austerities of Lord Yamraj and concentrated his mind upon Lord Yamraj, the god of Death.

Lord Yamraj sends 4 Letters of indications to everyone before death

Amrita is doing austerities of Lord Yamraj and concentrated his mind.

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After many years, Lord Yamraj did get pleased with his efforts and appeared in front of him. He asked Amrita what does he want. Amrita gave him greetings and demanded a vision in which he will be notified that he is going to die. He said to Yamraj, please send me a letter before my death so that I can make proper help for my family before departure and also prepare myself for my next birth with proper sadhana and worship of God. Yamraj agreed to his wish and told him that when his life will be over then will send 4 letters, he better start preparing.

Many years passed, and now Amrita had forgotten the fear of death, and his hair had begun to turn gray. He was living his life happily because he thought he still has a lot of time as he did not receive any letter from Yamraj.

After Many more years passed, now Amrita lost his teeth and people started warning him about his death. But Amrita was still happy, he did not receive yet any letter from Yamaraj.

When he became too old, he lost his ability to see properly and he was still thinking he has a lot of time as he did not receive any letter from Yamraj.

After some more years passed, Amrita was now a very old man who could not walk without a stick. His skin had become ugly and wrinkly. He was fully paralyzed now.

But one day, his Happy ending was there, he was shocked to see Lord Yamraj. He had come to take his life. Amrita was scared and said why they cheated on me, you said to me that you will send me 4 letters but you did not send them.

Amrita asked Lord Yama what the four letters contained, so Lord Yama reminded him of those four indications that he gave him year after year:

Yamraj laughed and said
1) 10 years ago I sent my first letter, and your hair turned grey.
2) My second letter was about when you lost your teeth.
3) My third letter was about when you lost your ability to see properly.
4) The fourth letter was when your body became paralyzed.

After telling him this, Yamraj took his breath and Amrita is now dead.

Moral of the story:: So when our body is young and healthy, we don’t get any notification letter from the god of death, when we completely ignore his indications, then we come under his control. Nobody can fight death, but everybody can well prepare for death if we notice our body’s indications.

what happens after death

Death is a new beginning

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