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How to make Coconut Laddu – Coconut Laddu Recipe

How to make Coconut Laddu – Coconut Laddu Recipe

History of Coconut Laddu

Friends in this article we will be going to learn how to make coconut laddu but before that, we need to know that what is a laddu, how does it look. Well, Laddu is a very common and easily fundable sweet dish in an Asian subcontinent India. You can very comfortable found them anywhere in India whether it is a home or temple or a shop or even a workplace. If we talk about their physical appearance then they look like a small ball and they are very soft in touch. In India, there are many types of laddu available such as:
Boondi laddu
Besan laddu
Coconut laddu
Malai laddu
Methi laddu
Multigrain laddu and
Resin laddu
Laddu with edible gum or commonly known as gond ke laddu.

As I was saying that you can easily get laddu anywhere in India but my friend laddu made with edible gum are especially for pregnant ladies who have or about to deliver their baby or start feeding the baby. This edible gum is obtained from the Babhul tree.
The core ingredients of laddu are chickpea flour, semolina, and coconut powder. Either anyone of them or trio of them or any two of them are mixed well with sugar and cooked in ghee to make a dry batter which will be tied in the shape of balls or laddu. Apart from these substances there exists some other elements from which laddu can be prepared and can be used as a medicine, the most common example of such categories are methi laddu which is made with the help of Fenugreek powder or flour.

In India, laddu can be made for any occasion whether it’s a good one or not. If there is wedding or birthday celebration the host will defiantly arrange laddu for the guest and even it is funeral the guest will definitely have some laddu.
If we talk about coconut laddu then they are made using grated coconut powder well mixed in either male or condensed milk along with the variety of dry fruits and therefore it can be easily prepared at home.

Coconut Laddu Recipe

Time required: 20-30 minutes
Serving: 20 pieces
Cardamom – 5-10 or as per taste
Condensed Milk – 200gm
Dry fruits – 100gm
Ghee – 1 tbsp
Grated Coconut – 4 big
Sugar Powder –4 tbsp

How to make Coconut Laddu

  1. First of all, you need to grate all your coconuts well and for this, you can use a food processor or mixer grinder or regular Kaddukas.
  2. NOTE: You will get grated coconut in the market for sure but make sure that the powder will not be capable of making fine laddu because it’s so dry in touch and due to the presence of this powder your laddu will not be tied properly. Therefore grate coconuts at home with the help of either food processor or mixer grinder or with any grating device.

  3. Now take out a pan heat the ghee in it for a while.
  4. Once the ghee gets heated well add your condensed milk to it slowly-slowly in such order that neither lumps get form nor the milk gets burn.

  5. Since condensed milk is a dry milk, therefore, it gets burn very easily so you have to make sure that milk doesn’t burn else coconut laddu will taste little bitter.
  6. Once condensed milk gets heated and mixes well with the ghee keep it on stir till it starts secreting ghee and becomes little thick.
  7. Now add half of grated Coconut to this and sugar as per your taste and at last the remaining coconut.
  8. Mix well the mixture and roast it well.
  9. Now add cardamom and dry fruits to the mixture and again mesh it well and roast it for some time again too.
  10. Turn off the flame once you find that the mixture is perfect to tie laddu.
  11. Put down the pan on your platform and start making small balls of the mixture.
  12. Put these balls in cool and dry place so that your batter gets cool.
  13. Your laddu is now ready to eat.
  14. Serve them to your guest, friends or family with tea or after the meal as a dessert.
  15. You can watch the demonstration in Hindi here:

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