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Top Indian web series you can watch on YouTube

Top Indian web series you can watch on YouTube

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Aspirants Web Series

TVF’s new web series ‘Aspirants’, the story of the struggle of UPSC candidates residing in Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi, has been shown well. It is said that the old Rajendra Nagar of Delhi is the largest educational area of UPSC test-takers, more than lakhs of aspirants come here, and preparing for one of the difficult exams UPSC Civil Services Examination. This series is winning everyone’s heart. Total 5 episodes of the series ‘Aspirants’ have been released on YouTube, which is getting huge enthusiasm from the audience.

Kota Factory

The Kota Factory web series is based on the city of Kota, famous for IIT exams Coaching institutes, where we can see the story of 16-year-old Vaibhav who is preparing for his IIT exam. Jitendra Kumar will be seen here playing friendly teacher Jeetu Bhaiya. TVF has produced five episodes with good direction.

What The Folks

What The Folks web series is based on the story of a husband and wife and their experiences with their in-law family. The ever-evolving relations of a family, the changing dynamics between parents, siblings and even husband and wife are beautifully explored here. The show has been released three seasons until now with a total of 16 episodes and created by Dice Media.

Please Find Attached

This web series showcases the sweet tip-toe story between two colleagues, showing a beautiful bond between the two. The entire story is shown in a 20 minute run time in three episodes, after watching this series, you will stick to YouTube


The story of this web series is based on two former classmates who meet each other during their trip to Shillong. Priyanshu is an aspiring music composer who is following a girl of a rock band in Shillong and accidentally meets his ex-classmate Anshul Chauhan, who is on a solo bike trip to the North East. They two accidentally meet and fall in love.


At the time of graduation, students are full of hopes and dreams of doing something big in the real world. However, when they start their career with the first job, they have to face the ground realities of the corporate world, which is both rewarding and full of struggles. Piyush is an engineering student whose life drastically changes when he joins the IT sector as a fresher. He experiences new things of life like first salary, first friend, first office romance, first failure, the first successful project at the workplace and first working weekend. Get ready to see a few of your firsts with this series.


TVF’ this web series revolves around Mikesh and Tanya who’ve been in a long-distance relationship for years. Everything was going on smoothly, one fine day Mikesh decides to move back to India and going to propose to Tanya. Director Biswapati Sarkar has well threaded the journey of a sweet couple from a long-distance relationship to moving in together with honesty is one hell of a ride that we can never get bored of.


The Story of Bachelor Web Series revolves around the trials and tribulations of four bachelors and it’s all about how they deal with their problems of searching for a job, surviving the month with limited money, or the joy of getting the “salary is credited” message in their phones. For every problem, they have a Bollywood-inspired solution, where they imagine themselves as characters in movies like Lagaan, Dangal, Baahubali and Chak De India.

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