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Mowgli girl found living with monkeys in UP forests- Can’t talk and walks on fours

Every one of you might remember the legendary story of “The Jungle Book” in which there is a jungle boy named “Mowgli” who is raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves. He befriends all the animals in the jungle. The boy communicates with the animals in their language and does not understand human language and walks on all fours. When he comes in contact with the human world he is dumbstruck and finds it hard to adjust to it. Well, the legend has come true in India. A curious case with striking similarity has come into the spotlight in the jungles of Uttar Pradesh. An 8-year-old “Mowgli girl” who was found living with monkeys in the remote nature reserve in Bahraich, northern India is making headlines.

The eight-year-old-girl-was-taken-to-a-government-hospital-after-being-rescued.

The eight-year-old-girl-was-taken-to-a-government-hospital-after-being-rescued.

The girl is not able to talk like humans and she screeches like monkeys in order to communicate. Also, she can’t walk on two legs like humans do. Instead, she walks on all fours like animals. When rescued from the forest, she was found living in peace with the monkeys. It has lead to the conclusion that she might have been abandoned by her parents. However, it is still a mystery that how she got there and for how long she has been living with the monkeys. It is believed that she has been raised by monkeys owing to her behaviour and mannerism which is similar to them.

The girl is larning to adapt to human environment. Image credit- Cover Asia Press/Rajiv Sharma

The girl is larning to adapt to human environment.
Image credit- Cover Asia Press/Rajiv Sharma

People have started calling her as the  “Mowgli girl” seeing the similarities between her and Mowgli.

Authorities revealed that she was very comfortable with the monkeys she was living with.

Some local woodcutters spotted her first who informed the authorities. Later while on a routine patrol, Sub-inspector Suresh Yadav found and rescued her. They took the girl to a hospital where she is being looked after ever since she was rescued.

D.K. Singh, chief medical superintendent of the government hospital where she is being treated told that when the girl first arrived she was behaving like animals. She was crawling on her hands and knees and eating food off the floor with her mouth like animals.

The mowgli girl has learned to eat like humans. Image credit- Cover Asia Press/Rajiv Sharma

The mowgli girl has learned to eat like humans.
Image credit- Cover Asia Press/Rajiv Sharma

With proper care and treatment, she learned to walk normally like humans and eat food with her hands. She still does not understand human language but she understands the signs. Now she recognises the ward boy, nurses and other hospital staff and even smiles. Slowly, she is learning to adapt to the new environment.

Police officer Dinesh Tripathi who rescued the girl told that it was very hard to rescue the girl. When the police tried to take her away from the monkeys who surrounded her wouldn’t allow them to do so. They attacked them and tried to scare them away. The girl herself was scared of the humans. She screeched and attacked at anyone who tried to approach her. With great difficulty, they were able to rescue her and the monkeys chased them while she was being taken in the car.

She appeared very weak and hungry when they found her. She also had wounds on her elbow and legs. If they would not have rescued her then probably other animals could have eaten her.

The authorities turned down the request to put the girl into an institution where she could learn to speak like humans. However, the “Mowgli girl” is gradually adapting to the human environment and is getting healthier and better. Now the police are making strong efforts to try and find about the girl’s family.

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