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SC orders National Anthem to play in theatres- Says “NO” to same in courts

The honorable Supreme Court of India, on Wednesday, ordered all the theaters across the country to play the national anthem before the screening of the movie. It further said that all the people present in the cinema hall must stand up in respect till the national anthem is played. However, it refused to play the national anthem in courts saying that the order should not be overstretched.

In order to instill the sense of patriotism in individuals, the Supreme Court of India made it mandatory to play the national anthem in cinema halls before the screening of the film. It also ordered the National Flag to be shown on the screen while playing the national anthem. Everyone in the hall must stand in respect and the doors of cinema halls must be closed till the anthem is being played.

A bench of judges consisting of Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy said that now the time has come that people express their love for the motherland. Justice Misra remarked that Indians respect the restrictions in other countries but they don’t want any restrictions in their country.

The Bench said it is the duty of every individual to show respect when the national anthem is played under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act of 1951. It is a part of their “sacred obligation”.

They discarded notions of “any different notion or the perception of individual rights”.

The bench said that the people must feel that this is their country and this is their motherland. People must show respect towards national anthem, which is a symbol of constitutional patriotism. The protocol of showing respect to national anthem is in the roots of our national identity and integrity, the court said. Even the “Sashtras” acknowledge patriotism.

The court has given 10 days time to the government to implement the rule all over the country. It said that the order must be distributed to Chief Secretaries of States and UT’s. It must also be published in print and electronics media so that the people could know about it.

The court also banned the commercial exploitation of National Flag and anthem. The bench banned dramatization of the anthem. It also stated that national anthem won’t be used in any variety shows or for any means of entertainment purposes. It also banned the use of the abridged version of the anthem. It also barred the use of anthem in undesirable and disgraceful places or objects.

The court’s order came on a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Shayam Narayan Chouksey seeking guidelines on when the national anthem should be played. The SC considered this PIL after a handicapped man was attacked for not being able to stand up while the anthem was being played.

Earlier this year, in October, the Delhi High court had issued a notice to Delhi and Centre government on a plea for making it mandatory to play national anthem in all theaters. before showing the movie. It was common in 1960’s that the cinema halls played the National anthem after the movie. But people were often seen walking out during the anthem. Slowly the tradition faded away.

There are many states like Goa and Maharashtra which play the national anthem in cinema halls.

Madras High court had said last year that it is not mandatory for people to stand


Two days after the court had made it mandatory to play National anthem in cinema halls, the Supreme court refused the plea seeking to play  national anthem in all courts before the start of proceedings.

The plea was filed by a BJP leader who is also a lawyer.

The same bench of judges who gave the order two days back refused to entertain the plea. They said that the bench is not inclined to entertain the plea after Mukul Rohatgi , the Attorney General  said that the petitioner should file a proper application.

The bench said whether right or wrong, the order should not be overstretched and the bar should show some restraint.

This has raised many eyebrows as the same court is not willing to practice what it preach. This decision has caused a lot of debate recently and opinions are divided.

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