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UGC says no need to submit original documents at the time of admission

University Grants Commission (UGC) has some very good news for students all across the nation. Gone are the days when students had to submit their original certificates of educational qualification for admission. UGC said that from the upcoming academic year there will be no need to submit original documents in universities and colleges to get admission. This is done to make the admission process easier for students.

This move will particularly help million of students who are not able to withdraw admission from colleges for better prospects. Usually, there are a large number of students who submit their original documents while taking admission in colleges. But later when they find a better college or institute then they face difficulty in taking admission as their original certificates are with their previous college. The process to get back the documents requires some time. It usually results in the student unable to take the admission in the required time. Most colleges don’t grant admission without the submission of original documents.

UGC has come up with further reforms for the convenience of the students and parents. Earlier students had to buy the college prospectus in which they want to seek admission. It was mandatory regardless of whether the student gets admission or not. Now it is up to the student whether to buy the prospectus or not. Not only this, the college will give a full refund to the student if the student cancels the admission within 15 days of admission. This has come as a huge relief as many students apply to multiple colleges at the time of admission. This will save them a lot of money.

In an another move, UGC declared that the colleges can take advance fee only for the semester or year in which a student will be engaged in academic activities. Many colleges and institutes take the fee of the whole course in advance which puts a lot of burden on parents.

The UGC has come up with elaborate sets of rules to  end “coercive and profiteering” practices followed by educational institutions in issues related to verifying documents at the time of admission, remittance of fees and refunds etc.

These new set rules come under part of the notification released by UGC. These are called “Remittance and Refund of Fees and other student-centric Issues”. The notification states that it is strictly prohibited to take the certificates and testimonials into institutional custody under any pretext as it is an intimidating tactic. Certain people or groups can misuse it to blackmail students who want to withdraw admission in search for better prospects.

The UGC had formed a committee to deal with such issues. The UGC had received a lot of complaints regarding retention of original certificates by educational institutions and non-refund of fees and many other issues.

This notification will cover all undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG) and research programs run by all universities, whether government or private recognized by the UGC. It also covers the colleges under their affiliating domain and deemed universities. The new rules will be followed immediately.


  • No need for students to submit their original certificates in colleges and universities at the time of admission.
  • Buying college prospectus is not compulsory.
  • College will give 100% refund to student if they cancel admission within 15 days of admission
  • College can charge the advance fee only for the session the student will indulge in.
  • The new rules will cover all the UG and PG universities.
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