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Android Nougat is here-All you need to know

android nougat has Most Useful Features Coming to Your Android Phone

Android Nougat 7.0 Features,updates & Release Date, Price

Android NOUGAT NOUGAT NOUGAT…This is the latest trending topic among all tech freaks all over the world.Yes the wait is finally over of latest version of android and the most anticipated technology in the world of smartphones and tablets has arrived in style.The latest entrance in the Android series, Android Nougat is also known as Android 7.0 is the seventh version of Android Operating System.It was officially released on 22nd August,2016.As expected it boasts lots of better and new features and despite being available in limited devices for now (Nexus being the first device to get Nougat update) it is worth all the hype it has created in the tech universe with the company claiming it to be their sweetest release yet.Let us take a look on what new Nougat has brought with it.


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Nougat allows the users to use more than one languages simultaneously.Users can set their prefered languages as primary and secondary language and also control how much of info they want to show on their screen.This feature is definitely an advantage for those who understand multi languages and those who keep on travelling.In addition to this Android Nougat has brought fair amount of new emoji too.It contains over 1500 emoji including 72 new ones.Now you can express yourself without uttering a single word in more ways than before.


One of the most important feature of Marshmallow was “Doze”which saves battery life.However, Nougat has taken this feature a step ahead.The Doze mode recognizes by itself when the smartphone is not active and it restricts the network access to various apps and thus not allowing any background tasks to continue.This saves and improves the battery life.In Marshmallow doze mode is activated when a phone is inactive for at least 30 minutes  but in Nougat it is activated as soon as the screen is off.Wow thats fast!!!You can use the Doze mode even when you are on the move.All you need to do is just turn your screen off and see the positive impact it has on your phone’s battery.


Finally one of the much-awaited feature is here i.e split screen.Multitasking is being seen as one of the brightest feature of Android and Nougat has maintained that standard set up by it’s predecessors.In fact this time the bar has been raised even higher.Nougat offers multitasking through split screen.Now the users can open two different apps at the same time.One can click (long press) on the recent button within an app and select the other app they want to open along with it.It works both in portrait and landscape mode.

This is not it…Now you can switch between the current and previous app with just a double tapping the recent icon.Users can use this feature while they are in full screen or in split screen mode.

This means you can watch a chat , send an e mail or watch a movie and various other different tasks at the same time.This is really cool.

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Amazing Android 7.0


Nougat is all set to take you on a realistic virtual ride.You can enjoy your favorite apps and games now with much better graphics quality.Google’s new virtual reality platform, Daydream along with Vulkan API will make your virtual reality ride smoother with better gaming graphics and add life to your games..Android Nougat will be compatible with Daydream phones which are expected to be released later this year.It will include VR headsets and other controller hardware.


Nougat has made notifications simpler to handle.Imagine you have tons of notebooks of different subjects spread in a mess.Sounds hectic…isn’t it? Now imagine them arranged in a pile according to their subjects.This seems neat and tidy.Bundled notifications work in a similar manner.All the notifications of that specific app will be bundled in a single group and can be expanded and acted upon individually as per the user wishes.This will save lot of space and give you more info.You can expand the notifications either by two finger gesture or by tapping expansion icon.


It is one of the most useful feature of Nougat.Gone are the days when you have to open the specific apps for replying to messages.Direct reply feature allows the user to reply to messages and e mails directly from it’s notifications without fully opening the app.This enables the user to avoid needless app switching and also saves time.You can even share or delete from notifications.


Google has done quite a work in notification section this time around.It also gives users the authority to prioritize their notifications.You can decide how much notification you want to display on your lock screen.You can long press on a notification to gain access to the notification settings or swipe them to the side and access through the gear icon.You can either choose to show notifications silently or block them.


This is another feature Nougat has brought which the users will absolutely love.It will take a user closer to personalizing his/her gadget.Now you can customize your phone the way you want.Google has provided quick settings interface and you can access it by pulling down the notification shade from the top.You will see five toggles on the top of your notification shade and now there is a edit button which will allow you to reset it according to your needs.You can add or remove or rearrange the items you want.You can make sure that your most frequented shortcuts are just a tap away.


Since everything associated with Nougat is getting better than its predecessors, updates are no exception.With Nougat google has introduced a new feature known as seamless updates to simplify the update process.We all know that almost all apps requires updates from time to time and sometimes it can be hectic as we cannot use the app while it is being updated.Android Nougat allows the app to be updated in the background and used at the same time.Updates will be downloaded in the background and they will be stored in a separate partition the system will create.When you will restart your phone the system will automatically switch partition and provide you with the latest updates.This will take manually download ,reboot and install process out of the equation.


As expected Nougat is faster than the previous versions of android Marsh Mellow.Direct boot feature helps the smartphone to start faster.It is so fast that even before you can unlock your phone the apps are already running.That’s some serious speed.When a phone reboots the data stored in it still remains encrypted until you enter your passwords or lock pattern.What it does is that you may miss important notifications, calls and messages and alarms.Direct boot aims to solve this problem.While users will receive their important information their private data remains secure.


Security of your device has always been one of the top priorities of google and with it’s latest android Nougat, they have not compromised with security even a little bit.Android has multiple security layers along with data encryption in order to keep your data safe and sound.In fact they have made it more secure.Android Nougat comes with file based encryption feature which allows it to better protect user’s individual files.This is in clear contrast to what Marshmallow offered.


Now that is the biggest question of them all.Android users all over the world have been waiting for it’s release and can’t wait to get their devices updated with Android’s latest treat.But don’t get too excited as Nougat is  not available for every device.Only few devices boast of Nougat update till now and it wont be available for every single device soon.If you own a nexus device from then just sit back and relax else you may need to buy the devices that support Nougat if you want to experience this latest technology.

Right now Nougat is available in google owned devices only like PIXEL C tablet, NEXUS 6P, NEXUS 5X, NEXUS 6 & NEXUS 9

However these smartphones are expected to get Nougat update too in the near future

HTC-  HTC 10, HTC One M9

SAMSUNG- Samsung galaxy S6  and S7 series, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note 7

SONY-Z3+, Xperia Z4,Xperia X, Xperia XA, Xperia XA Ultra,Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact

We can assume that Nougat is a better, more secure and faster version of previous versions.It’s not that it boasts of a whole lot of new features but still it is something worth getting excited for.It has improved the quality in tasks that previous versions use to do.You might take a bit time getting used to it but one thing we can say for sure that it will be one SMOOOOOTH ride.

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