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Honor 8 Pro review – Specifications, Price and more

Huawei is slowly launching its device in India under its sub-brand Honor and making a name for itself. Honor has made its place in almost all the price segments with a price less than Rs 30,000. Honor 8 (review) has been company’s existing flagship device and now Honor 8 Pro has replaced it. Honor 8 Pro has a dual rear camera along with a lot of other features and if you talk about the price, it will direct challenge the OnePlus 5. Today we will be talking about Honor 8 Pro and how it performs and whether it has what it takes to charm the Indian market.


Compared to its predecessor, the design of Honor 8 Pro is slightly different. A glossy glass rear was given in the old variants while a metal unibody was given in Honor 8 Pro. This phone is available in the Midnight Black and Navy Blue Color variants. The smartphone is quite slim and its thickness is barely 6.79 millimeters, and its edge is curved. Surprisingly, despite being a thin body, the phone has been given 4000 mAh battery.

Honor 8 Pro has an attractive design.

Honor 8 Pro has an attractive design.

On the front side, the phone has a 5.7-inch Amolade panel that is equipped with super-slim side borders. The upper and lower part of the phone is thick and has an Honor logo at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen, there is an 8-megapixel selfie camera with earpieces and sensors. The phone has a power and volume buttons on the right side. The power button is easy to reach, but you will have to work a bit to reach the volume button. There is a sim slot on the left side of Honor 8 Pro. Honor has given a USB Type-C port at the bottom and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Besides, the loudspeakers and primary microphones are also below.On the top of the phone, you will find a secondary microphone and an IR ammeter so that the home appliances can be controlled.

Honor 8 Pro back side

Honor 8 Pro back side

The interesting feature in Honor 8 Pro is that there are two rear cameras and a dual-tone LED flash in the left corner at the rear. Unlike the other phones, both cameras are under a glass with a smartphone body, this prevents any bulge in the design and makes it look smooth. Another advantage of it is that because of being under glass, the lens will not be scratched. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the rear and we think it would have been more convenient if it was given slightly above. You have to move your fingers slightly or adjust the device in your hand to reach the fingerprint scanner.

Honor has given an 18-watt charger with phone and a USB cable in the box. But the good thing is that the box can be converted into a cardboard-style VR headset. The phone comes with everything needed in the lenses, including the lens.


Honor 8 Pro offers attractive specifications. The 5.7-inch display comes with a Quad HD resolution. The density of the screen is 515 pixels per inch. The front panel of the phone is equipped with 2.5 d Curved Corning Gorilla Glass for safety. The colors on the display are fantastic and are vivid. Some users may not like flashy color production and there is no way to reduce it. The user only has the option to change the color temperature according to their liking. Apart from this, there is also a knight mode, which claims that it will ease the eyes when there is less light. We enjoyed watching the video on the display. There is a loud sound from the phone’s single speaker but we think it is better to have a stereo speaker in the front.

Huawei has given its Kirin 960 processor in Honor 8 Pro. The phone has an octa-core processor, which is equipped with Cortex A73 Core running at 2.3 GHz and 4 Cortex A53 Core running at 1.8 GHz. Compared to Snapdragon 835 given in OnePlus 5, it seems a bit old. Honor 8 Pro has 128 GB storage with 6 GB of RAM. You can expand the storage with an external micro-SD card. The phone has a hybrid sim slot. In the phone, the storage up to 100 GB is empty.

The phone supports Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, AC and NFC. Honor 8 Pro is a dual sim device that comes with two nano-SIM slots. The phone has 4G, VOLTE and carrier integration.


Honor 8 Pro comes with the company’s EMUI 5.1 skin, which is a bit newer than the previous Hunter 8 Light skin. User Interface (UI) is based on Android 7.0 Nougat. June Security Update comes pre-installed on the phone. With 6 GB RAM, there was no problem installing the app and games in Honor 8 Pro. While switching between apps, we found that it takes less time to reload. After a day’s use, the phone had a 3.5 GB RAM all the time, which is exceptional.

Honor 8 Pro gives awesome performance

Honor 8 Pro gives awesome performance

In addition, the phone also has a one-handed mode which makes it easy to use large devices. The notification shade can be pulled down from the fingerprint scanner gesture and can also dismiss the notification. The phone has some apps that have been installed by Honor already, but most of them can be uninstalled.

The software also offers some battery saving options. There is a power saving mode that reduces the background apps and auto-sync is disabled. In addition, ultra-power saving mode closes everything except for those apps that you have chosen. We also saw a screen power saving option, which claims to reduce the resolution of the display to save the battery.

The phone has a voice control feature that works with an idiom ‘Dear Honor’. If you have misplaced the phone then you can shout out loud and literally ask your phone “Where are you?” and the phone will actually respond along with a flashlight. Now, this is magical… ain’t it? In addition, you can also use custom commands, but we noticed that most of them did not work, which did not prove the usefulness of this feature.

In addition, you can also use custom commands, but we noticed that most of them did not work, which did not prove the usefulness of this feature.

We tested Honor 8 Pro on Benchmark. The phone scored well in the benchmarking test but the performance of OnePlus 5 coming with the Snapdragon 835 processor was better. The phone lasted for 10 hours and 19 minutes in our HD Video Loop Test and during normal use, we could run it for a whole day.


The most important feature of Honor 8 Pro is the Dual 12-megapixel rear camera given in it. It is different from telephoto lenses for the second camera given in the other smartphone, both of these sensors can be used for RGB and monochrome. Honor claims that better pictures than monochrome sensors will be available. Honor has given its camera app, which has several modes. Auto mode is set by default, whereas for photos and videos you can take control using Pro Mode. For a black-and-white picture, you can set the monochrome mode to use only monochrome sensors. We found that the phone was hot while using the camera while playing games and while doing other things it was normal.

Honor 8 Pro clicks amazing pictures

Honor 8 Pro clicks amazing pictures

Photos taken from the phone are very good and the detail is also better than the average. The color came exactly and we did not have any problem even after shooting against the light. Macro shots were also good while showing a good difference between the subject and the background. In low, light we saw that the camera sharpens the photos, which causes a little increase in noise and lack of detailing. Selfie comes and the camera app makes them more beautiful By default, the Camera app adds a watermark while promoting the name of the phone in pictures. You can disable it but this option is not found in the settings menu. We hope that it will not be the default in the units the customers receive.

the details in the images are great

the details in the images are great

Honor 8 can do video recording of Pro 4 but can not stay constant autofocus. You can switch 30 pixels per second or 60 frames per second to 1080 pixels to enable autofocus. While recording the video we had a little trouble in viewfinder, but this did not make any difference to the result.


Honor has given the best technology in his Honor 8 Pro smartphone, which is the best in terms of industry standard. Kirin 960, Huawei has the best current processor, but it is less than the Snapdragon 835 processor. Honor 8 Pro runs on the latest version of EMUI. Compare to OnePlus 5, you will get twice as much storage and lower screen resolution at a lower cost.

The camera performance of the phone is quite good and the dual camera function also gives excellent performance. Monochrome sensor helps, and we love exploring each picture very well. Overall, we liked the photos taken with Honor 8 Pro.

It seems that the Honor 8 Pro is a great all-rounder. It may not be a perfect package but it is not far behind. And of course, this is less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro and Moto Z2 Play. With Rs. 29,999, this is cheaper than OnePlus 5 and it has all the possibilities of a flagship smartphone.

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