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Tata Tiago car Review- Specifications, Price and much more

With every car they launch, Tata Motors raise the bar of competition in the world of cars. This time, they are set to rule the Hatchback segment with their latest entry Tata Tiago. The hatchback segment is tightly contested in the Indian market. Tata has placed all their bets on Tiago to win the race this time. We will talk about various features of this brand new car and let you know whether you can rely on it or not. Tata Tiago is all about being “New”. It brings with itself a feeling of freshness right from its design to engines.



Tiago has a fresh appeal to it's beautiful design

Tiago has a fresh appeal to it’s beautiful design


It's stylish even from the back

It’s stylish even from the back

Tata Tiago is a nice looking car. Instead of an edgy sharp look, Tata has given it a soft pleasing design which soothes the eye. The car has got a confident stance and it’s front has stylish cuts and curves which compliment its logo. The headlights and grille have a fine finish to them. The signature glossy hexagonal black grille with Tata logo in the center gives it a fresh look. A chrome element runs through the  3-dimensional headlamps which look very beautiful. The sharp tail lamps highlight it’s sporty stance.The glossy black bumpers below adds to its look. Prominent creases run through the metal along the waistline which gives it a next generation look. The sides of the car look well proportioned. There are two distinct shadow lines. One curls upwards towards the rear edges while the other slants downwards towards the front.

When it comes to dimensions,Tiago beats its competitors. With a ground clearance of 170 mm, it is higher than other cars in its segment. It outclasses it’s competitors in width, length, and height as well. Overall Tiago is a well designed modern looking car with a fresh appeal.



Tata has done a great job with interior of Tiago

Tata has done a great job with interior of Tiago

Tiago has got a very impressive interior. Tata has definitely raised the bar in this department.You can call it the best interior Tata has ever come up with. It offers a lot of space from the inside which is the best part. The interior comes with a  layered design theme along with dual tone,  premium graphics, and customizable air vents.

The quality of plastic used is very good

The quality of plastic used is very good

The cabin is very well groomed. It is made of good quality plastic. The contouring on the seats, the dash and central console is very impressive and blends effortlessly with the rest of the interior.The dashboard is covered by nice looking honeycomb textured plastic. It is studded with switches and buttons of superior quality.

Tiago gives you the feeling of riding in a bigger car. The seats are nice, spacious and comfortable. They offer a lot of space.The front seat is high enough so that person sitting behind can tug in their feet underneath it with ease. The seats lack thigh support but they come with height adjustability.

The AC vents are better designed to offer more airflow to the front passengers. They come with a unique sense of design as they are given body color. Only the top variants of Tiago have got orange and red AC vents. For the rest, they have used black.

The geometric texture along with chrome handles and premium knitted fabrics enhances the high-quality interior.


Tiago comes with a lot of utility holders

Tiago comes with a lot of utility holders

Tata Tiago comes with a lot of utility spaces. In fact, there are a 22 of them. There are bottle holders on each door and more holders on the central console and dashboard. The glovebox is equipped with a push button instead of a hook.


Entertainment and technology- Best of both worlds

Entertainment and technology- Best of both worlds

Tata Tiago is loaded with technology. It comes with a next generation ConnectNext Infotainment system developed by Harman. It gives you the best of both worlds- technology and entertainment. It has a 8 speaker audio system which gives you a wonderful sound experience. It makes the music system more flexible through “juke car app”. It allows the user to pair up to 10 phones with the system and play music from them. It uses the mobile hot spot to create a virtual network in the car.

Now you can travel to unknown places with ease. It also supports a turn by turn navigation app which allows you to use maps. You can use this app by connecting it to a smartphone.The juke app also displays the expected time of arrival and distance to destination.

There is a multi-info display in the center of the instrument panel.


Tata Tiago comes with two engines- petrol and diesel.



This petrol engine does a decent job

This petrol engine does a decent job

Revotron is a 3 cylinder 1.2-litre petrol engine. It delivers a power of  85 PS and torques 114 Nm. It is made of aluminum and offers a 5-speed manual. The kerb weighs 1012 kg and you can feel it while riding. The initial power delivery is good but as you go on it lacks to meet your expectations. You have to keep working with the engine to bring out its best. The power delivery is not so smooth and you can feel the lack of power under heavy load. The clutch is light but it does not release very efficiently. It becomes jerky in traffic. At high revolutions, the engine makes a lot of noise. The gear ratio is what makes this engine worth paying for. This engine is good enough for your daily city life but it does not set the stage on fire.


Revrotroq is smooth and easy to ride

Revotorq is smooth and easy to ride

Revotorq is a 3 cylinder 1.05-litre diesel engine. It delivers a power of  70PS and torque 140Nm. The head of the engine is made of aluminum and block is made of cast iron. This engine is way better than the petrol version. The kerb weighs 1080kg but the extra torque makes it feel a lot lighter. The engine picks up momentum slowly but once you reach the 1500 rpm mark you can feel its true power. Its easier to ride as compared to the petrol version. Though as you increase the speed you will find that the engine is noisy. The vibrations are there but not as much.

Both the engines are loaded with two driving modes. City mode is the default mode. There is also an eco mode. This mode lowers the performance of the engine but maximizes fuel economy. Try using the eco mode only on the highway.

Tata Tiago petrol version gives a mileage of 23.5 kmpl and you can expect a better mileage in diesel version.


Tiago has 5 different variants – XB, XE, XM, XT and XZ.

The price tag of Tiago’s base model (XB) petrol is 3.2 Lakh and of the top model is 5.67 lakh.


if you can ignore the minor drawbacks of engines then it is a very good car in this segment.Tata Motors have put a lot of hard work into it. It is their best project till date. It has an eye-catching look and hi-tech features. It offers a very good mileage too. And we Indians keep this particular feature as the top most priority while buying a vehicle. We give it a thumbs up. It is definitely worth your money.

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