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Badrinath ki Dulhania movie review – Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan’s Holi Package

Badrinath ki Dulhania movie review - Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan's Holi Package

Badrinath ki Dulhania Movie Review – Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan will make you crazy this holi

We are here with the latest romantic movie named ‘Badrinath ki Dulhania’. Varun, Alia, Karan Johar, Shashank Khaitan team up again for this movie. People are curious to know about the Review of BNKD.

Main Elements of Badrinath ki Dulhania

Cast: Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Director: Shashank Khaitan
Duration: 2 hours 19 minutes
Language: Hindi
Famous Song: Badri Ki Dulhania
Rating: 3.5 /5 ⋆⋆⋆⋆


Varun Dhawan as Rohan Bhatnagar
Alia Bhatt as Supriya Bhatnagar
Sahil Ved as Somdev
Rituraj as Badri’s father

Storyline of Badrinath ki Dulhania

This story is about typical country style hero Badrinath(Varun Dhawan) who lives with family in Jhansi. His father(Rituraj) is a feudal of Jhansi (who uses chest pains and threats of a heart attack to control the family when his orders don’t work), a quiet mother, a brother (who had to give up the girl he loved to marry the bride chosen for him by his father due to said heart attack) and sister-in-law.

Badri (his onscreen entry, as he poses for a photo to be shared for matrimonial matchmaking purposes, is greeted by loud cheers by the audience) is now of marriageable age; at a wedding, he meets Vaidehi (Alia Bhatt), a feisty lass who isn’t smitten with the hero at first sight — as he clearly is.

And so begin Badri’s attempts to woo Vaidehi.

‘Woo’ here for him means sending a marriage proposal her way through his broker buddy, and their respective parents, while Vaidehi herself seems quite set on bagging a job and not a hubby.

Badri’s pursuit of her doesn’t veer into very problematic territory (the penchant Bollywood has of romanticising stalking and harassment in the guise of ‘winning’ over a reluctant woman) mainly because the writing (by director Shashank Khaitan) and Varun Dhawan’s act, keep that part of the story more comical than intense.

Also, Vaidehi is never shown to be powerless, but clearly as Badri’s superior. After she initially turns Badri down, it is she who reaches out to him with a proposal — if he helps her elder sister find a suitable match, she’ll consider tying the knot with him.

As their friendship blossoms through the film’s first half, Alia and Varun are a delight to see in their respective roles. However, Dhawan clearly has the edge here. He channels a certain Salman Khan-like insouciance, a comic timing that has the audience laughing along with him, and a vulnerability that is very endearing. For all his flippancy towards life, he also has an ability to empathise that makes him something more than a good-looking, entitled guy.

To reveal more of the film’s plot would be unfair. Suffice it to say that by the interval, a life-changing event has been wrought for the hitherto happy-go-lucky Badri.

A word here about Sahil Ved, who plays Badri’s friend and marriage broker Somdev (he is the proprietor of — a name that clearly hasn’t run afoul of a leading real-life wedding portal, the way did): his chemistry with Varun Dhawan is as enjoyable to watch, if not more, as Dhawan’s is with Alia.

Famous Dialogues:

Director Shashank Khaitan has come to theaters with a old and common story but it is an entertaining Wedding Drama produced by Karan Johar. After ‘Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya’, Shashank and Karan have teamed up once again and filmed marriage of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt on the screen.

Good or Bad:

  1. Tumhari mansik isthithi aaj thodi gadbad lag rahi hai … hum kal phir aayenge
  2. Arre yeh tedha mooh karke kyun smile kar rahe ho … Shahrukh Khan ho kya?
  3. Prem ka samay toh kabka khatam ho gaya … hum toh seedha shaadi rachayenge
  4. Gujarat ki hawa mein vyapar hai saheb … meri saans toh rok loge … lekin is hawa ko kaise rokoge


Track listing

  1. Aashiq Surrender Hua
  2. Badri Ki Dulhania
  3. Humsafar
  4. Roke Na Ruke Naina
  5. Tamma Tamma loge Again


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