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Befikre movie review- the next gen love

“Ude dil befikre..” This is the flavor of love lately. The electrifying duo of Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor has been a frenzy all over the nation. By now you must have guessed what are we talking about. The much-anticipated Bollywood movie “Befikre” is finally out. Its trailer was an instant hit and the songs of the movie are grooving all the party hubs to their groove. Let us tell you if the movie is as god as it seems or not.

The movie directed by Aditya Chopra (the man who gave us the classic DDLJ) has Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor in starring roles. Well, you can call the amazingly beautiful Paris as the third lead, as often it is the case in movies by Chopra camp.

Main Elements of “Befikre”

Latest Film : Befikre
Cast: Ranveer Sing, Vani Kapoor
Director: Aditya Chopra
Language:  Hindi,
Famous Song: “ude dil befikre” and “nashe si chad gayi”
Rating: 3/5 ⋆⋆⋆

Story Line of Befikre

Befikre revolves around the crazy love angle between a desi, Dilli da munda and a French-born girl of Indian origin. In the opening scene Sharya, the leading lady storms out with rage out of macho Dharam’s room. We can guess that all is not well between the couple. A break-up is on the cards. The next scene takes the movie a year back. (It has become a trend now in Bollywood to tell the story in flash back after the opening scene and then return to the present timeline again).

Ranveer Singh is a stand-up comedian from Karol Bagh who comes to Paris. Being a naughty adventure freak he looks to have lots of fun in the streets of Paris. The hunter starts his hunt for date and sex and in the process he runs into Shayra. She is a French girl with Indian parents. Both characters are young, temperamental and volatile and instantly took a liking for each other. Soon they reach Dharam’s room as expected with lips locked.

Dharam seeks out Shayra and they start of their one hell of a journey together which includes crazy dares which keep the audience glued to their seats. They do everything a couple does but “I love you”. Their philosophy is that love ruins everything. They just want to go with the flow and avoid any sentiments. They are carefree lovers who don’t give a damn about emotions. But like we no love cant exist without emotion and this case is no exception. Things were bound to get complicated. so what will they do? Will they ever get back? Surely but how and blah blah blah…Being a typical Bollywood flick you can guess how it ends.

There are many scenes which remind of DDLJ or we can say that how DDLJ would be if made in the present time. There is a mother-daughter scene where Shayra’s mother tells her to take a stand for herself, unlike Farida Jalal who advises Kajol to suppress her feeling. The director gave a new look to the evergreen “palat” scene in DDLJ where Shayra is …you know what I mean.


Ranveer Singh

From where the hell does this guy gets all his neverending energy from? The man is simply unstoppable. Without a doubt, he is the soul of the movie and brings it to life. His performance keeps the audience (particularly girls) craving his more. The charismatic enigma of Dharam woos the audience. It seems only Ranveer could have pulled out this character.

Vani Kapoor

Shayra is as modern as women can be. Her dance sequences are electrifying and her charm sure steals a lot of hearts. Her chemistry with Ranveer is near perfect but she slows down a little in her performance. Though she doesn’t disappoint.

Our verdict

You can call this movie anything but boring. The movie is full of energy. Though the plot is not original but it’s presentation is fresh. It’s like old wine served in the new bottle. It has all the glamour, awesome music, flashy dance movies and pf course, the sizzling chemistry between Ranveer and Vani. In spite of all that the film fails to deliver that X-factor due to lack of a proper story. The movie lacks necessary twists and turns that are necessary to keep the audience guessing and the ending is quite predictable. The chemistry between the couple in the movie gets colder when compared to songs. It is like the fire cools down just when it is about to reach it’s boiling point.

The movie will keep you smiling and it is a good one time watch. The Young audience will definitely love it as they can somewhat relate themselves to the movie. After all, that’s how we all want to be- carefree and without sentiments. We give “Befikre” a thumbs up. So go and watch it and be befikre.

Befikre Movie Review –Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor
Reviewed by Udti Khabar on Dec 09, 2016
Rating: 3

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