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Jolly LLB 2 movie- Review, story, cast and more

Akshay Kumar is back again with yet another entertaining and meaningful movie. The multitasker actor never likes to sit free and every now and then pops up on the big screen with a heavy dose of entertainment. This time he has come with his latest Bollywood movie Jolly LLB 2. Without wasting any time let us begin the movie review.

Main Elements of Jolly LLB 2

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Annu Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla

Genre: Comedy, drama
Director: Subhash Kapoor
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
Language: Hindi
Famous Song: Jolly good fellow
Rating: 3.5 /5 ⋆⋆⋆⋆


Jolly LLB 2 revolves around the main protagonist of the movie Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly. He is a qualified lawyer who works in Kanpur court as an assistant. He wants to own a chamber in the court for this he needs two lakh rupees. In an attempt to arrange for the money he ends up fooling a pregnant lady, Hina by convincing her to give him two lakh rupees as a fee to fight her case. Hina has been looking for justice for her late husband who has been killed by police in an encounter. Soon Hina realizes that Jolly is nothing but just a fraud. She loses all hope and commits suicide. This incident leaves Jolly broken and full of guilt. He realizes his mistake and decides to make amends. He decides to fight Hina’s case and starts his investigation. He soon finds out that Lucknow police had killed Hina’s husband Iqbal in a fake encounter just a day after their marriage. Jolly files a PIL in the court against the policemen who killed Iqbal to show the encounter genuine.  Inspector Suryaveer Singh the prime accused in the case hires Pramod Mathur who the best lawyer in Lucknow to fight his case. Things don’t turn to be very good for Jolly as he is fighting against a nexus of corruption, police and money. During a heated argument in the court, Jolly slaps advocate Mathur. Later, he is attacked by two goons sent by inspector Suryaveer Singh but survives the attack. He is able to produce the son of the constable who died during the fake encounter in the court. But Advocate Mathur being a cunning lawyer uses his power and money to tamper with the narco test video of the witness and proves Jolly wrong. This results in the judge suspending Jolly’s license as a lawyer but later gives him 4 days to prove his point. Jolly finds out and meet the constable in Kashmir police who had traveled to Lucknow to identify the real terrorist police was after. Jolly finds that the constable was suspended and arrested in a fake case. He reveals that the person who was shot in the encounter was not a terrorist. Jolly convinces him to give the statement in the court. He also threatens the police commissioner, to tell the truth, or else he will file PIL against all the encounters he has done. The corrupt headed by advocate Mathur tries their best to stop the constable from giving the statement in the court but fails. In the end, Jolly plays a masterstroke by bringing the priest in the court who is the real terrorist. In the intense courtroom drama, the priest breaks down and admits being a terrorist. He also reveals that he bribed the inspector Suryaveer to set him free. Thus Jolly ends up winning the case and proving Iqbal’s innocence in the court.


The movie Jolly LLB 2 throws light on the cruel reality of the state of justice in the country. It shows that how a common man is sandwiched between a corrupt judicial system and fraud police administration which are governed by money and power. This twisted system hits on the conscience of a seemingly jolly good for nothing lawyer and he tries to swim against the giant waves in search of salvation. A major part of the movie the whole judicial system as a big, dark joke. Sometimes it does that through comical satire and sometimes through a serious situation. The best part of the movie is that it keeps its focus on real issues such as terrorism and corruption. There are many funny scenes at crucial times which allows the audience a space to breathe. At times the movie may seem a bit stretched but overall this Akshay Kumar starred is a win for all situation and a must watch movie.


Without a doubt, Akshay Kumar has added his own swag to the movie. With his powerful performance, the Khiladi of Bollywood sends a strong message against the corrupt system. He has shredded his aura of a “star” in this movie which was essential given the prequel movie rode on actors and not stars. Akshay has done it beautifully and the versatile actor has done full justice to the movie. Instead of daredevil action stunts that we are used to in an Akshay Kumar movie, this time he deals with the bad guys with clever verbals and his intellect.


It will be safe to say that if this man was not the part of Jolly LLB 2, it wouldn’t be the same. Such is the impact of the veteran actor in the movie. It seems that he started right from where he left in the previous movie. He is an absolute delight to watch. His comic scenes keep the audience light-hearted and glued to their seats.


Another solid performance from Annu Kapoor. He is the reason who makes Jolly look so good. It is only because of his character of a cunning lawyer that Jolly always had to find unorthodox ways to remain a step ahead of his rival. He can cross any limits to win his case and that includes insulting a judge in the courtroom.

Famous Dialogues:

“Beta joh vakil paise vapas kar de na..vo vakil nahi hota” – Akshay Kumar”

Hum jis din apni aukaat par aaye na … by god us din tumhare adab ki pudiya banakar tumhare pichwade mein ghused denge … na paadein niklengi na huggi” – Akshay Kumar”

“Bekaar aadmi kuch kiya kar … kapde udherkar siya kar” – Annu Kapoor”

“Bina kursi ke neta … bina superhit ke abhineta … aur bina chamber ke vakeel ki koi izzat nahi hai guru” – Akshay Kumar”

“Is baar angrezi mein Barack Obama ki maa bhi tumhe fail nahi kar sakti” – Akshay Kumar”

“Ye nirupma Roy ki acting mere samne karne ki jarurat nahi hai…” – Saurabh Shukla

“20 sal ki practise hai vakil saheb….Aap ki tarah guma ke kan nahi pakdunga..sidhe pakdunga…Aur kash ke pakdungaa”- Annu Kapoor

“Iss duniya ke sabse bade zahil ne kaha tha…ki Ishq aur Jung mein sab kuch zayaj hai” – Akshay Kumar

“Kyuoki agar aisa hai..toh phir border par sipahiyon ke sir katne wale bhi zayaj hain…Aur jawan ladkiyon par acid phekhne wale aashiq bhi” – Akshay Kumar

“Mushkurayegen mathue saheb mushkurayegn…par apke client ko jail bhejwane ke badd”- Akshay Kumar

Track listing

Go Pagal – Raftaar, Nindy Kaur

Bawaara Mann – Neeti Mohan, jubin Nautiyal

Jolly good fellows – Meet bros, URL

O re rangreza – Sukhwinder Singh, Qadir Mustafa, Murtuza Mustafa

OUR VERDICT – Jolly LLB 2 is one awesome movie. Go and watch it as soon as you can.


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Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla, Annu Kapoor
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