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Bhangarh Fort- The most haunted place in India

Bhangarh Fort- The most haunted place in India

There is a mysterious attraction in haunted places which lures people towards them. Even though we know that visiting such places might not be a very good experience but still millions of people can’t stop themselves from going to such places. The secrets that are hidden and the thrill that they offer tempt us to find more about them. In India, there are a lot of haunted places which are the adobe to many supernatural legends but there is one place which tops the list, Bhangarh fort.

The warning board put up by the archaeological survey of India.

The warning board put up by the archaeological survey of India.

Bhangarh Fort is without a doubt is the most haunted and scariest place in India. There are many legends about the place and most of them are considered true. It is said that whoever dares to enter the place after the sun sets is never seen again. And if you are lucky enough to come back then your life won’t be the same again. There is a fort known as Bhangarh fort which is the center of all the mysterious happenings associated with the place. This fort is left in ruins and is surrounded by uncomfortable emptiness which screams in the silence. Many people who have visited the fort even during the day have experienced terrifying incidents. They often tell that they feel the unknown presence which can’t be explained. Some even claim to see the spirits of dead people who wander in the fort. No one lives near the fort and all the villages that once stood there are now abandoned. It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not but one thing is for sure that you will feel the uneasiness once you visit Bhangarh. There is fear in the air of Bhangarh and you will always feel a negative aura in the place.

The ruins of Bhangarh.

The ruins of Bhangarh.

Bhangarh is so much feared that the archaeological survey of India has put up a board at Bhangarh stating that the entry to the fort premises after sunset is strictly prohibited. Legal action is taken against anyone who dares to break this rule. You can only imagine the amount of fear that Bhangarh generates that forced the government to take such a step.


There is a sense of evil that can be felt inside the fort.

There is a sense of evil that can be felt inside the fort.

Bhangarh is an abandoned village in ruins located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Bhagwant Das who was a Rajput ruler established the town in 1573. The fort of Bhangarh was built in the 17th century by Man Singh (Elder son of Bhagwant Das) who was one of the nav Ratna’s of Akbar’s court. He built the fort for his younger brother Madho Singh who named the fort. Chhatra Singh (son of Madho Singh) was the successor to the throne of Bhangarh. Till then Bhangarh was a well-populated region and people were living their life happily over there. After the death of Chhatar Singh, the gradual decline of Bhangarh started. Aurangzeb who was cruel Mughal ruler attacked Bhangarh and made it a part of his empire. A series of many unfortunate events struck Bhangarh and soon once the lively region of Bhangarh turned into a ruined site which was the home to ghosts and spirits.

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Ruined city of Bhangarh stands alone.

Ruined city of Bhangarh stands alone.

There are two legends that explain the reason fort city of Bhangarh is haunted and why no one is allowed to enter it after sunset. These two stories are believed to be the reason behind many unfortunate incidents that lead to the mysterious disappearance of life in Bhangarh.


The legend says that an ascetic Baba Balu Nath lived in Bhangarh. He uses to meditate where the fort of Bhangarh stands today. King Madho Singh took the permission from the saint to built a fort. Baba Balu Nath agreed to his request. But he put one condition in front of Madho Singh to built the fort. He said that the shadow of the fort must not fall on the home where the ascetic lives or else Bhangarh will perish. Madho Singh agreed to it.

The tomb of Baba Balu Nath.

The tomb of Baba Balu Nath.

But years later one of the successors of Madho Singh ignored the ascetic’s warnings and modified the fort in such a way that the shadow of the fort fell on ascetic’s home. It was the death knell of Bhangarh. This incurred the ascetic’s wrath and his prophecy came true. All signs of life were erased and Bhangarh became haunted.

The tomb of Baba Balu Nath stands tall among the ruins of Bhangarh.

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This story is more popular than the previous one. The legend of princess Ratnavati and a mad sorcerer is a household story among the locals and the fear it creates can be felt whenever the name of these two is mentioned.

Ratnavati was the princess of Bhangarh. She was extremely beautiful the fame of her beauty transcended kingdoms and borders. Many people which included rich prince from various states were attracted by her beauty and wanted to marry her. When she turned eighteen many suitors approached to marry her.

One of such suitors was a tantric (sorcerer) named Sindhu Sevada. He was an expert of black magic. He too was attracted by her beauty and fell in love with her. He was obsessed with her. But he knew that he was no match for the beautiful princess and could never marry her. But he wanted to get her at all costs. So he decided to use his black magic skills in order to win the princess’ love.

One unfortunate day, Ratnavati along with her friends went to the market. She stopped at a perfume shop and was choosing which one to buy. Sindhu was present at the market following princess Ratnavati. He was standing at a distance and observing her.

The princess chose a perfume and was about to buy it. Sindhu tried to take advantage of this. He enchanted the perfume which Ratnavati chose with black magic. His plan was to hypnotise the princess once she uses the perfume. It would cause her to fall in love with the tantric and surrender herself to him.

But princess Ratnavati saw through tantric’s deception and threw the bottle of perfume on the ground. The glass bottle hit a stone and shattered. The perfume spilled on the stone and suddenly it turned into a huge rock. The rock chased the tantric and eventually crushed him to death.

Before dying, Sindhu cursed the city of Bhangarh. He said that everyone who lived in the city will die and the city will never see any rebirth or new birth. He also cursed that the spirits of those who will die will be trapped in the cursed city till eternity.

Shortly after the incident, a fierce battle broke out between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh and everyone who lived in Bhangarh including the princess died. Thus the curse of the tantric came to life. Since that day the only thing that remains in Bhangarh is emptiness and silence and no one dares to go to this haunted place.

However, the locals still believe that one day the princess Ratnavati will return in some form and will break the curse of Sindhu and set the trapped souls free.

The spirits of Ratnavati and Sindhu along with all those who died still wander in the fort.

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