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Don’t forget to watch ‘Dear Zindagi’ on 23rd April at 12 PM on Zee Cinema, World Television Premiere

Dear Zindagi on 23rd April, World Television Premiere

If you have planned to go out on Sundays, then you must read this article about Dear Zindagi on 23rd April at 12 PM on Zee Cinema, World Television Premiere.You may change your mind after reading this article. This article contains all motivational concepts of the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ since Udti Khabar wants to make you look forward to having the amazing experience on Sunday.

Yes, Zee Cinema is going to air Dear Zindagi, starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan on Sunday, 23rd April 2017. Released on 25 November 2016, received very good reviews and was proved one of the best films of the year. And we encourage all our readers to watch this movie and live their Zindagi like Kiara did in the end of the movie.

Reasons to watch Dear Zindagi on World Television Premiere

Weekend Popcorn Package: We should watch Dear Zindagi at least once in a life because It is a lesson to us. It will give a message to us that to get the happiness we are going to run away without any destination and stay in an unnecessary tension every day. We always keep away from each other and keep on shouting at our people.

Dear Zindagi on TV Channel

Dear Zindagi on TV Channel.

Super Motivating Dialogues: Dear Zindagi is one of the great films that touches anyone’s soul and makes you fall in love with your life once again. We will get super motivating dialogues that will make you live life in a different way.

  • Don’t let the past blackmail your present into ruining your future
  • Jab hum khud ko samajh lete hai, tab koi doosra humare baare mein kya sochta hai, farak nahi padta
  • Genius is not someone who has all the answers. But someone who has patience for all answers

Acting: The main ingredient of Dear Zindagi is acting of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. The name of Alia Bhatt, who has entered into the Glamor World from Student of the Year, now she has listed her name as finest actors in Bollywood industry. After collecting media and audience applause from her acting, Aliya has once again turned the character of Kiara onto the screen in such a manner. Her acting is realistic in role of Kiara who is busy to run away without any destination and stay in an unnecessary tension every day.

Alia Bhatt as Kiara in Dear Zindagi

Alia Bhatt as Kiara in Dear Zindagi.

Shahrukh Khan, Dr. Jahangir Khan has played a very good role. Dr. Jahangir’s character is very similar to Kabir Khan character of ‘Chak De India’. In Chak De India, Shahrukh Khan teaches to woman hockey team how to win a hockey match in the stadium, but in Dear Zindagi, he teaches to win happiness and live freshly in our life. Other artists Ira Dube, Kunal Kapoor managed to register their presence.

Shahrukh Khan as Dr. Jahangir in Dear Zindagi

Shahrukh Khan as Dr. Jahangir in Dear Zindagi.

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Story: Gauri Shinde has come with a different story in Bollywood four years ago and Now she came again with a refreshing story about Kiara (Allia Bhatt), the young generation girl who is very ambitious but confused with her life choices. She is a cinematographer in abroad and wants to be a director. Her family lives in Goa, but she does not like to spend time with her family. Due to some bitter memories of childhood, Kyra has now made some distance to her family. She falls in love thrice and every time, she gets a different perspective on life. Overall, Alia’s life is totally messed up like most of the youngsters.

Finally, She comes to her family, Goa. In Goa, she decides to visit phycologist Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) for Psychotherapy therapy. During this seating, Jahangir Khan helps Kaira find a new perspective on living life. After that she tries to live life fresh, then she feels that all the happiness is scattered around her.

Dear Zindagi is a practical part of life and everyone should watch. So don’t forget the world television premiere of Dear Zindagi on 23rd April at 12 PM on Zee Cinema and also share this article so that your relatives is informed.


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