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‘The BFG’ Hindi Television Premiere on And Pictures TV Channel, people are curious to watch this Blockbuster

The BFG Hindi Television Premiere on And Pictures TV Channel

If you have already decided to go out on Sundays, then you must change your plan and you should read this article about Hindi Television Premiere “The BFG” on 20th May at 12 PM on And Pictures. You may change your mind after reading this article of the film which is having special effects and animated characters. This article contains all good elements of the movie ‘The BFG’ since Udti Khabar wants to encourage you to look forward to having the amazing experience on Sunday.

Yes, Zee Cinema is going to air American fantasy adventure film The BFG directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg on Saturday, 20th May 2017. Released on 30 June 2016, received good reviews and was proved one of the best Animated films of the year. And we encourage all our readers to watch this movie, it will transport you to a world of fantasy that pleases the child in you

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Story of The BFG

In London, the insomniac orphan girl Sophie wakes up late night at 3:00 AM afraid of the witching hour. Out of the blue, she sees a giant from the window of her orphanage and she hides in her bed. However, the giant grabs her and takes her to his distant Giant Country. He asks Sophie that she must have to stay with him for the rest of her life since she has seen him. He explains that he works catching dreams and calls him Big Friend Giant or BFG. He also reads a book to Sophie and she sleeps, then he uses a nightmare to be afraid of escaping being eaten by an evil giant. Soon the giant breaks in BFG’s cave and feels the smell of Sophie. She hides and soon she learns that there are giants that devour humans. BFG takes Sophie to the Dream country to catch dreams. The BFG goes to London to return Sophie to the orphanage, but she forces him to take her back to the Giant Country. However, the other giants are hunting her down in BFG’s home. What will they do?

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