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Guru JI – Lord Shiva in human form, Guruji Ashram, Mandir, Bade Mandir Delhi

India is a nation with a rich religious history. It won’t be wrong to say that religion is the most valued thing in our country. There are billions of people who follow various religions and live their life on its practices. Where there is a religion there is a Guru ji or Godman. People need someone as a symbol of their faith whom they can follow. This need of a symbol has given rise to a number of spiritual leaders in India. These leaders are commonly known as Guru. A guru is a teacher who shows light to people and guides them on a right path that leads to the almighty God. These Godman are found in every religion. These Godman have a high-profile presence and enjoy attention and support from large sections of the society. In many cases, they also claim to possess supernatural powers, such as the ability to heal, the ability to see future and the ability to read minds etc. They are considered divine human beings and are worshipped by their followers.

Today we will tell you about one such Godman who has gained a massive amount of popularity in a short span – “Guru Ji”. If you are from the Northern part of India then probably you might have noticed a sticker which says “Guru Ji” on the back window of many cars. A man so mysterious but yet so popular. He is a divine Guru who is known as “Guru Ji” by his followers. Guruji does not do any pravachans or sermons. He advises no specific set of rules or particular practices. He does not make tall claims. He markets nothing. Yet he is becoming popular among people day by day.


Not much is known about the personal life of Guru Ji. Fondly known as “Guru Ji” among his followers, his real name is Nirmal Singh Ji Maharaj. He was born on July 7, 1952, in village Dugri in Sangrur district in Punjab. He spent the early stages of his life around Dugri. He did his schooling and went to college. He was a well-educated person and holds a Masters degree each in economics and political science. It is said that the only reason Guruji studied was to fulfil the wishes of his father who wanted his son to get a MA degree.  Those who knew him reveals that he had a spark of spirituality in him right from his childhood.


There are many interesting stories famous about the Guru Ji among his followers. One of the earliest known incidents of Guruji’s affinity for the spiritual was when he use to spend time at the Dera of Sant Sewa Dasji at Dugri. Sant Ji was a renowned saint who had renounced worldly life and had a large following. Despite the protests from his family, Guruji would often go and sit at the Dera. His family would object to this and wanted him to spend his time studying rather than sit among the sages. But Guruji already had decided his spiritual path.

To prevent him from going to the Dera his family would lock him in a room. But soon they would find that the room was unlocked and Guruji was already sitting with the sages at the Dera. The sages at the Dera describe him as ‘lord of all the three loks’ ( Lord of the three worlds in Hindu mythology) and would often tell people to leave the young Guruji alone.

In another incident, Guru Ji’s schoolmates reveal that he use to fill up the empty ink pots by just touching them with his finger. Once a classmate asked Guruji for some ink for his pen during an exam and Guruji just touched it with his finger to fill it up.

It is believed that he has many supernatural powers but he uses to keep them suppress in front of other people as he did not want to gather any attention. But he would often leave his teachers confused by suddenly disappearing from the classroom seat and be back the next moment.

Gurji's Car, have a close look

Gurji’s Car, have a close look

His classmates even claim that he use to know all the questions in advance which would come in the exam even before the question paper was given to them.

His father told that his son would often help him in the fields and the crop yield would be many times more than that of others farmers in the area. Such was the power of the man.

Finally, Guru Ji’s parents realised that their son was a divine power. His mother started to touch his feet seeking his blessings and addressed him as Guru Ji as he is known by thousands toady.

One day he left home to start his spiritual journey in this world. He would often stay in the house of one of his acquaintances for a few days and then move on. He would often disappear for many days without leaving a trace.

No matter where he stayed people came to him from all parts of the country for deliverance from disease or any other problem they had. Soon the fame about his special powers spread all across Punjab and people sought him out no matter where he was.

He stayed at many places including Jalandhar, Panchkula, Chandigarh,  Delhi, Mumbai etc. He finally settled down in a house in Jalandhar which has become his temple now. In 2002 he settled in Delhi in the Empire Estate house on MG Road. It is known as the Chotta Mandir. Guru Ji also made the Shiv Mandir in Bhatti Mines area in Chattarpur known as Bada Mandir.

It is believed that he could tell about the past, present and future of a person just by looking at him/her. He also cured thousands of people who were suffering from incurable diseases. People came to him with different problems ranging from legal to financial to emotional issues. Everyone found their solution in Guru Ji’s blessings. He even blessed those people who did not come to him. Their relatives and friends would come on their behalf and still, those persons would receive the blessings of Guru Ji.

At times during his Satsang, he would ask a devotee to stand-up and face the congregation and relate his divine experience of Guruji’s blessing with other people. Divine langar which had Guru Ji’s blessings was served to his followers. Many people are believed to be cured of various diseases just by eating it. Tea was given as the prasaad.

Whether rich or poor, people from all section of the society are his followers. From a common man to world-renowned businessmen, politicians, bureaucrats, doctors, armed service personnel and professionals, everyone came to seek his blessings.

Maha Samadhi

On May 31, 2007, Guru Ji attained maha-samadhi. He did not choose anyone as his successor. He believed that his followers could directly connect with him through prayers even after he is gone.



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