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Second mega parent-teacher meeting on 15th October-Delhi govt. schools will provide report cards of students

Second Parent-Teacher meeting in Delhi's govt. schools tomorrow

The second mega parent-teacher meeting in government schools of Delhi is here. It will take place on Saturday,  15th of October. This is a very good step taken by Delhi government. Till now parents had no idea of what their child is doing in the school. Through the parent-teacher meeting, parents will get a chance to know about the progress of their child in studies and behavior. The Delhi government posted this on their official twitter account. The government also informed parents about the meet through SMS service. It has sanctioned a special budget to over 1000 schools for the PTM.

The 1st parent-teacher meeting took place on 30th July earlier this year. It will be held twice a year from now on.

The best part of this meeting is that parents will get the report cards of their children unlike the last time. Teachers will discuss students’ performance with parents.

Atishi Marlena, advisor to the education minister said that for most of the parents judge their children on whether they are pass or fail. Since no student in government school can fail till 8th class, parents never get the true idea of their performance.

This meeting will focus on communication between parents and teachers. They will brief the parents about the overall progress of students. This includes their academics results and their behavior in school. Parents can personally meet the principal and teachers of various subjects. Teachers will also tell the parents about the new academic plan. This plan provides level wise learning support to the students. Schools will make special efforts to improve the education skills of students. Other topics of discussion include hygiene practices, good nutrition, cleanliness, punctuality and attendance.

The government will also provide one-to-one help to students till 14th November.

This is a welcome step in the field of education by the Delhi government. This will surely raise the standard of education in government schools. Till now only private schools held parent-teacher meetings. This is one of the most important reasons why the standard of education in private schools is higher than government schools. In private schools, parents are aware of everything their child does in school whether it is good or bad. This helps both teachers and parents to keep students in check. If the parents know about the faults in their children then they can definitely work on them.Such was not the case with government schools. There was zero communication between parents and teachers. Parents could not tell parents what their child was lacking. As a result, students became careless and had no fear about anything. This often made them arrogant and leads them on a wrong path. But thanks to PTM’s, such situations will be avoided.

A tragic incident occurred after the first parent-teacher meet earlier in July. A 12-year-old girl committed suicide after the meeting. Her teacher complained to her mother about her studies. Her mother scolded her for that.The girl got depressed due to this and hanged herself with a ceiling fan at her house. Let’s hope that no such incidents happen this time.

We hope that parents and teachers deal with the students with love and care. These students are like small plants who need to be nurtured with waters of love and affection so that they can grow into strong trees with solid foundations.


  • Schools will give reports cards of the students to the parents.
  • One-to-one help for the students till November 14.
  • Parents are informed of the meet through SMS service and social media.A very good step in this age of social media.
  • The government also announced the meeting on Radio FM.


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