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PM Narendra Modi celebrates Dussehra in Lucknow

Terrorism is the enemy of humanity, we should fight it: PM Narendra Modi

Breaking the norm of an Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrating Dussehra at Delhi’s Ramleela ground, Narendra Modi chose Lucknow to break this monotony.This is the first time that  PM was not in Delhi for the auspicious festival.The Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Amausi airport in Lucknow.Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Chief Minister of UP Akhilesh Yadav and Governor Ram Naik greeted him.They all went straight to historic Aishbagh grounds where the event took place.

It was the first time since surgical strikes by Indian army in LOC that Narendra Modi was addressing in public.The PM’s special protection group had secured the ground in advance.For security reasons the entry to the ground was not open for everybody.There were 2000 passes available which were given to the invitees.

Indian Prime Minister celebrating Dussehra

Indian Prime Minister receiving the symbolic arrow


There was a huge hoarding on which was written “welcome to the avengers of Uri”.The act of Ram Leela was played on the stage by various artists which ended with the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama.There was a special Indian Martial Arts performance.The PM was presented a symbolic “Sudarshan Chakra”.The authorities also felicitated him with a symbolic mace and bow and arrow.He was also gifted a portrait of Tulsidas and a copy of Ram Charit Manas.

There was special emphasis on the fight against terrorism.The effigy of Ravana had a message against terrorism written on it. “ATANKWAAD KA SAMOOL NAASH HO” which means the complete destruction of terrorism.

PM Narendra Modi offered puja and then addressed the public.In his speech at the Ramleela maidan, he gave a strong message against terrorism.He did not mention the surgical strikes directly but said that the nation has now reached its limit.Now the time has come that we can’t allow the terror acts and those who support them go unpunished.It was a clear message to Pakistan who is the hub of terrorism.

However, opposition parties have denounced PM’s move by labeling it as a political move as elections in UP are around the corner.

Indian Prime Minister celebrating Dussehra

The authorities gifted symbolic mace to honorable Prime Minister

Focus points of Narendra Modi’s speech

    • By mentioning Syria and child victims of terrorism honorable PM made it clear that terrorism has no boundaries.There is nothing such as good or bad terrorism.
    • The PM promised to punish those who keep on supporting terrorism.
    • He urged the public to kill the evils in oneself  and the society just like we kill Ravana each year.
    • He spoke on the importance and safety of girl child and encouraged people to respect women.He said if you are angry at the injustice done to Goddess Sita then you must respect women.
Indian Prime Minister celebrating Dussehra

Prime Minister addressing the public

  • By taking the example of Jatayu, who was the first one to fight against Ravana he urged people to fight against terrorism.He said even if we can’t be like Lord Rama, we still can be like Jatayu.
  • He explained the need of eradicating poverty and illiteracy.He termed them as another form of Ravana.
  • Once again the PM emphasized the importance of cleanliness.He said we must free ourselves from the Ravana of uncleanliness.
  • The PM said that our traditions make our nation unique.He praised the generations for keeping them alive by passing them to the future ones.
  • He did not mention the surgical strikes even once.It proved opposition wrong who were blaming him for using the strikes to get votes and publicity.
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