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Live Prime Minister Narendra Modi New Year Eve Speech on new schemes

Live Prime Minister Narendra Modi New Year Eve Speech on new scheme

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving speech on the notes ban, which he announced on November 8, 2016 without warning as a big step to check tax evasion in the country. The deadline to deposit banned 500 and 1,000 notes in banks will be ended yesterday. Restrictions on the withdrawal of money from banks and ATMs are likely to continue. The notes that were canceled amounted to a whopping 86 percent of the cash in circulation. Since the ban, 14 lakh crores have been deposited in banks and six lakh crore new notes are in circulation. In multiple raids over the past 50 days, over 3,000 crores have been seized in undisclosed wealth. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that tax and revenue collections are up. As the next step in his war on corruption the Prime Minster has pitched a transition to a cashless economy and the government has announced several incentives for making digital payments.

Here are the live updates of PM Narendra Modi’s speech:

# After Diwali Festival, our country took an important step to stop black money which will have long term benefits of the nation.
# PM Narendra Modi gave a name ‘shudhi yagna’ to 500 and 1000rs notes demonetisation.
# Every intellectual should accept that Indians have stood up against corruption.
# Narendra Modi said he is very thankful for every Indian who showed his patience in 50 days of noteban. people have faced many problems for the betterment of the country is an example in itself.
# Indian Government is trying to normalize the situation in banks in new year, firstly in rural areas.
# A universal truth is that terrorist, traffickers, weapon smugglers, are dependent on black money and demonetisation has hit them
# According to 50 days data, only 24 lakh people in the country have declared their salary is above Rs 10 lakh under Income Tax.
# In the next 3 months, Govt will convert credit cards of 3 crore Kisan into RuPay cards which will enable farmers to buy or sell their needs directly through the card.
# For loan upto Rs 2 lakh for home renovation in villages, banks will give loan with 3 per cent subvention on interest rate.
# Govt will take guarantee for loans upto Rs 2 cr for stand small businesses.
# Narendra Modi gave guarantee to senior citizen they will get 8% interest rate on deposit of upto Rs 7.5 lakh and interest will be paid monthly.
# Rs 6000 assistance will be provided to pregnant women and the assistance money will be transferred to their account.

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