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Top 10 buildings in Dubai- Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai's see sightings and skyscrapers- Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is the home of luxury and a paradise on earth. It’s jaw-dropping architectural projects make it one of the most favorite tourist attractions. In Dubai, you can see some of the most beautiful and luxurious buildings of the world .Dubai has redefined the art of making buildings .It boasts of the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa.But that’s not it. It is like a treasure chest of stunning structures which will make you go OMG!!!. Though there are a lot of places to visit in Dubai, some of them deserve special mention.Let us take you on a virtual tour of the most beautiful places to visit in Dubai.


There is no way you go to Dubai and you don’t visit Burj Khalifa. It almost a tradition now. It tops the list of most famous places to visit in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Undisputed tallest building in the world

Without a doubt, Burj Khalifa is the pride of Dubai. It is officially the tallest building in the world. It’s height stretches up to 828 meters. Burj Khalifa holds almost every record in architecture. It has 163 floors in it which are the maximum in any buildings. It has the world’s highest mosque, highest viewing platform, tallest art gallery and highest elevator system in the world. There are 304 hotels (including the world’s 1st prestigious Armani Hotel) and 900 residences (144 are Armani residences) in the building, parking lots, spa,

Its stairwell has 2909 steps to be exact.

Its design is inspired by Spider-lily, a regional desert flower. During its building phase, about 12000 workers would work every day.It took about 22 million hours to built such masterpiece.

Do you know???

The total weight of concrete used in the construction of Burj Khalifa is approximately equal to the weight of about 100,000 elephants.



You might not believe your eyes when you take a first look at it. You will wonder if it is for real.

The illuminating towers

The illuminating towers

Another wonder of Dubai, Infinity Tower. Its official name is Cayan Tower. It is one of the most unique buildings in the world. Infinity Tower is the tallest high rising building in the world with a twist of 90 degrees.


This tower has a twisted shape literally. It twists like a spiral by 90 degrees from its base to its height. It’s each floor is set 1.2 degrees clockwise from the floor beneath it.This formation gives it a unique shape.



It is the most ambitious projects in the history of the earth. It is the largest man-made islands in the world. They have created a large series of islands made of sand in the sea. The famous Palm trilogy consists of  Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali. They are so beautiful and unbelievable that they are considered as the eighth wonder of the world. It seems that man has created heaven on earth.

The eighth wonder of teh world

The eighth wonder of the world

A series of islands are connected in such a way that they form the shape of a Palm tree. They are topped by a crescent. These islands extend up to 520 kilometers. Highly specialized divers were employed to make sure that the construction under water was stable. The islands have over 12000 Palm trees.

It is all about luxury. You will find luxurious homes, hotels, beaches, marinas, water parks, entertainment centers and much more here. Many well-known celebrities like David Beckham have booked a home for themselves in the Palm islands.  It is a dream for every man to have a house there but not everyone can afford it as they are super expensive.

Technically it is not an island as it is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Another mind-blowing fact about them is that they are visible from space to the naked eye.



Welcome to the best hotel in the whole world. It is also known as the only 7-star hotel in the world. When it comes to luxury and service, no hotel can beat it. Burj Al Arab is situated in the artificial Palm Jumeirah island.

Only 7-star hotel in the world

Only 7-star hotel in the world

It is the third tallest hotel in the world.  Its height is about 321 meters. This is an iconic building which is a symbol of modern Dubai. It is designed in the shape of the sail of an Arabian dhow ship. It is voted as the most luxurious hotels of the world every year.

It offers 202 luxurious duplex suites,  Five swimming pools (three outdoor, two indoor) and a private beach, Nine world-class restaurants and bars, Talise Spa, Talise Fitness at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and Sinbad’s Kids Club and much more. About 1790 square meters of 24 karat gold leaf is used to decorate the interior of the hotel.Choreographed color sculptures of water and fire illuminate the hotel at night which adds to its charm.

Choreographed color sculptures of water and fire illuminate the hotel at night which adds to its charm.



Princess tower is the second largest building in Dubai after Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest residential building in the world. It is also the 20th tallest building in the world. Its height is about 414 meters and has 107 floors. It holds 763 apartments. A tram connects the  sky touching tower to the rest of the city.

Awesome view of Princess tower

Awesome view of Princess tower

It is surrounded by many famous 5 star hotels and shopping malls, bars and night clubs. Like in every luxurious building in Dubai you will find swimming pools, parking lots, kids play area and many more services here too.


JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel

Dubai is home to the tallest hotel in the world. Guinness Book of World records officially acknowledged JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel as the tallest hotel in the world. It stands to a height of about 355 meters (1,165 feet). It is the first hotel in  JW Marriott Marquis series opened outside North America. This 5-star hotel is a 72 storeyed building. It has 804 rooms which span across two towers.

Hotel of Luxury

Hotel of Luxury

There are four bars, nine restaurants, a Turkish Hammam spa, a swimming pool and a health club. Three tons of  dead sea salt is brought into the hotel for “Saray Spa” and  Dead Sea Floatation Pool.

There is a diamond shaped LED light system on the top of two towers of the hotel.

1326 rainbow colored bottles are displayed in a lounge. Not a single bottle contains alcohol.

This hotel makes it rightful place in the list of places to visit in Dubai.



Another wonder of human architecture. Dubai Marina is the largest man-made waterfront project of its kind. It is an artificial canal city. It is spread in an area of about 50 million square feet. It runs parallel to the shoreline of Dubai for about 3.5 kilometers. It is often called as “New Dubai” because of its urban lifestyle. In fact, It is one of the few places in UAE which focus on western lifestyle.

Beautiful view of Dubai marina

Beautiful view of Dubai marina

Dubai Marina consists of 10 districts. It comprises of several skyrocketing buildings with luxury apartments and villas which form a majestic background. It has 7 kilometers long pedestrian walkway called the Dubai Marina walk. It includes many restaurants, bars and cafe. You will find some of the most amazing buildings in Dubai here. Everything that fits the criteria of a modern world is available here.

Dubai Marina Yacht club is a special center of attraction. It is a home to over 500 yachts. It also offers skydive Dubai which is very famous among thrill freaks. All these features make it one of the best places to visit in Dubai.




If you have a lot of money and you love to spend then this is the place for you.Dubai Mall is another record breaking addition to Dubai’s astonishing buildings. We are talking about the largest shopping mall in the world. It is more than just a mall. It’s like a world of wonders.

Best mall in teh world

Best mall in the world

Dubai Mall is another record breaking addition to Dubai’s astonishing buildings. We are talking about the largest shopping mall in the world. It is more than just a mall. It’s like a world of wonders.

If you think malls are only about shops and restaurants then you are wrong. The Dubai mall redefines the meaning of mall. It has much more than you can even dream of. It shatters your limit of expectation.

It has over 12oo retail shops and department stores along with 160 food courts and 22 theaters. You will find all the top brands under one roof. It is spread over 13 million square foot which is equal to about 50 football grounds combined. Its internal floor area is 5.9 million square feet.

It has an ice skating rink of an Olympic size. An aquarium, an underwater zoo with world’s largest viewing panel. It even has a hotel with 250 luxury rooms.

It also accommodates an indoor theme park, SEGA REPUBLIC. It offers more than 150 amusement games.

Almost 7,50,000 people visit the mall every week. IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When you are making the list of  places to visit in Dubai, you just cannot ignore this high rising tower. Joining the list of skyscrapers in Dubai is 23 Marina. At the time of its completion 23 Marina was the tallest residential building in Dubai. It later lost its title to The Princess Towers. It is located in the commercial are of the city.

23 Marina joins the list of skyscrapers in Dubai

23 Marina joins the list of skyscrapers in Dubai

It has 92 floors. 88 floors are above the ground and 4 are below it. It also has 57 swimming pools and 62 elevators. There is a total of 289 apartments in it. The duplex apartments have got private elevators.

It offers a great view of the marina, the extraordinary Dubai skyline and Dubai International Marine club.



It is one of the most famous hotels in the world. Its specialty is its unique wave-like design. It is 93 meters high and 275 meters long. This 5-star hotel has a beach too and it offers the ultimate holiday experience to the tourists.

The ultimate holiday experience

The ultimate holiday experience

It has blue plated glass on windows which truly gives it the form of ocean waves along with its design. It has 618 rooms and villas which offer the most beautiful view.

Its center of attractions is diving, water sports, private beaches, wild  wadi water park, tennis, squash, scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, banana boat riding and swimming pools.

It gives some of the most evergreen dining experience. It accommodates about 20 restaurants and bars.

Dubai is full of wonderful places and mind-boggling buildings.This was our list of some of the most famous places to visit in Dubai.Hope you like it.





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