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Analemma tower- A hanging skyscraper attached to an asteroid in space

Yes, you read that right. No need to check your eyes. This building will be a hanging skyscraper that will hang in mid-air tied to an asteroid in space. No, we are not talking about a science fiction movie but reality. Till now You would have thought of floating homes and buildings only in sci-fi movies and stories which show how the future could be. Not even in your wildest dreams, you would have thought that a residential building will be floating in the air above almost 30,000 miles above Earth’s surface. This idea of a hanging skyscraper is enough to thunderstruck and gives you goosebumps. Well, a US-based architecture firm Clouds Architecture Office has taken up the initiative to turn this fantasy into reality. They have unveiled plans to built a futuristic skyscraper called as “Analemma Tower.” The specialty of this building is that it will float in the air miles above the earth’s surface and it will be attached through wires to a real asteroid in space. The asteroid will by manually put into the earth’s orbit.

The analemma is a figure-eight pattern which is traced by the sun when tracked from the same place on Earth through the year. If built, Analemma tower will be the most outrageous structure of this world. When completed it will be the tallest ever building surpassing Burj Khalifa, which is the current holder of world’s largest structure. Its height is estimated to be about 20 miles high.

The hanging skyscraper will be suspended by using high strength cables linked to an asteroid which will be placed in “eccentric geosynchronous orbit”. It means that the tower will not be still. It will be moving or floating in the air continuously. Whoever will live in the tower will enjoy travel between northern and southern hemispheres on a daily basis.

Sources from the Clouds Architecture Office revealed that the plan of hanging skyscraper Analemma works by inverting the traditional diagram of an earth-based foundation. This system is known as the Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS). It will depend on the space-based supporting foundation from which the tower will be suspended. The company shared the artwork and plans for the Analemma tower. Since this tower will be suspended in the air, it can be built anywhere in the world and then transported to the desired location later. They had proposed the tower be built in Dubai as the city of Dubai is a specialist and adobe to several jaw-dropping tall buildings. The cost of construction there is also low as compared to New York.

The Analemma tower is literaly in space.

The Analemma tower is literaly in space.

While floating in the air, the tower would trace a figure-eight pattern that will enable it to move between the northern and southern hemispheres during the course of 24 hours. Ostap Rudakevych, the man who designed the Analemma tower told that the tower will be made of durable and lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. In order to achieve the required cable strength to support the enormous structure, massive advances in cable engineering are needed.

Space based solar panels which will be constantly exposed to sunlight will provide power to the ambitious hanging skyscraper. These panels will be installed above the dense and diffuse atmosphere and will be much more efficient than conventional PV installations. Water requirements will be fulfilled from clouds and rainwater. The water will be stored in a semi-closed loop system.

Water requirements will be fulfilled from clouds and rainwater. The water will be stored in a semi-closed loop system. It will be filtered and recycled there.

The lower end of the tower will be meant for business purposes while residential floors will be approximately 2/3 of the way up. Devotional and religious activities will be done on higher points of the tower. The company did not tell exactly how people will get on and off the tower. A plan reveals that they may parachute their way from tower to the ground.

The size and shape of windows will change with height to account for temperature and pressure differentials.

The elevators will be electromagnetic and cableless. They will be much smoother and will have no height restrictions, unlike cable elevators. Wow, this tower is getting insanely awesome. Aint it?

If you reach the highest point of the tower then you will be treated with extra daylight. Your day might be 45 minutes longer at a height of over 30,000 miles than on the ground. You will need a spacesuit to go that high as it will be almost vacuum at that height and the temperature there will be about -40 degree Celsius.

The extraordinary tower is expected to travel at 300mph (miles per hour) through the sky. That is a crazy speed. A touch of fast and the furious to it. However, the speed of the tower relative to the ground will vary. The speed will depend upon which part of figure eight the tower is tracing. The speed will be slowest at the top and bottom of each loop. The asteroid’s orbit will be calibrated in such a way so that the slowest part of the tower’s path would occur over New York City.

In case you didn’t know, Clouds Architecture Office is also collaborating with the US space agency NASA to design an “Ice Home” on Mars. It will be home to the astronauts who visit the planet Mars for several missions.  This ice home will be a large inflatable torus which will be surrounded by a shell of water-ice extracted from just below the Martian surface.

The tower will be attached to an astroid in space through cables.

The tower will be attached to an asteroid in space through cables.

The idea of being able to manipulate asteroid is a fantasy no more. NASA has already planned an asteroid redirect mission for the year 2021, which would prove the utility of capturing and relocating an asteroid. However, there are clouds of uncertainty hovering over the ambitious project of NASA as US President Donald Trump administration’s 2018 budget does not give any funds for the project.

However, the funds will not be a problem for the Analemma tower as it is a private project. The mere idea of this unbelievable project has started a revolution in the world of architecture and science. You can only imagine what it will do when the tower is finally completed. It would be exciting to wake up and seeing the curvature of earth literally, about which we have studied only in books till now. Or how awesome it would be to sleep in one country and by the time you wake up you will realize that you are in a different country. The thought of that gives us extreme thrills.

But before you have already started dreaming of living in this revolutionary hanging skyscraper make sure that you are SUPER DUPER EXTREME RICH.  This ambitious project will require a serious amount of money and one thing is for sure that it won’t come cheap. So You gotta be a billionaire or even a trillionaire to afford a house in the Analemma tower.

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