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Bermuda Triangle- The mystery may have been solved


The greatest mystery of the world is finally solved. According to the meteorologists, the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of many aircraft and ships in the Bermuda Triangle is found. Over the centuries different experts have come up with different explanations for this unexplained phenomenon. Some believe natural occurrences are the reason while others seek scientific theories. Some even claim that paranormal or supernatural forces rule the Devil’s triangle and are causing aircraft and ships to disappear.

HEXAGONAL CLOUDS- This theory might have the answer


Strange hexagonal shaped clouds formed over Bermuda Triangle

Strange hexagonal shaped clouds formed over Bermuda Triangle

Meteorologists might have finally found the answer. Strange clouds formed over the Bermuda triangle are missing the piece in this puzzle.

The meteorologists, using the satellite imagery from NASA satellite have discovered hexagonal shaped clouds over the region. The research revealed that these clouds are directly linked to 170 mph air bombs. Such massive force is easily capable of taking down huge objects such as ships and planes. These clouds stretch in an area between 20-50 miles.

These clouds are made of microbursts and are like air bombs. These air blasts which come out of the bottom of clouds can reach the speed of 170 miles per hour. When they hit the ocean, they create huge waves which can be over 45 feet high. Such incredible force is strong enough to cause an unimaginable destruction of planes and ships.



Over the centuries many ships and planes have disappeared without a trace in the Devil's Triangle

Over the centuries many ships and planes have disappeared without a trace in the Devil’s Triangle

Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s triangle is believed to be the graveyard of hundreds of ships and planes over the centuries. It is a loosely defined area in the west part of North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico border it. It is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Commercial and private aircraft regularly fly over it.


USS Cyclops Ship Sinking


USS Cyclops disappeared under mysterious circumstances

USS Cyclops disappeared under mysterious circumstances

This is one of the largest loss the history of US Navy.  The collier USS Cyclops ship disappeared without a trace in 1918, along with a crew of 309 members. It was carrying magnesium ore and one of its engines was not working. It was traveling from Bahia, Salvador, to Baltimore.

No remains of the ships were found. What happened to the ship remains a mystery to this day.  Some blame it on storms while others blame it on enemy attacks. But no one knows the truth about what exactly happened that day.


The Lost Squadron

The Lost Squadron

The five avengers who were lost on December 5th, 1945 are known as “The Lost Squadron”. Five Avenger torpedo bombers were on  a training flight over the North Atlantic. It was a routine practice mission. The squad included students and a Commander. They were to fly towards East from Fort Lauderdale for 141 miles, 73 miles towards North and then come back over the 140-mile leg to complete the mission. However, the squad never came back.

Human error is seen as the cause of this incident. It is believed that the squad lost the way and ran out of fuel.


 Ellen Austin is one of few stories in which people survived to tell the tale

Ellen Austin is one of few stories in which people survived to tell the tale

This is one of the most mysterious incidents in the Devil’s triangle. The Ellen Austin was an American ship. In 1881, the ship was on her regular London-New York trips. The ship came across another ship on the way which was moving with great speed. The strange part was that there was not a single person on the other ship.

The captain of Ellen Austin sent some of his crew members on the other ship. They confirmed that there was no one on the board and the ship was riding on her own. The captain ordered the members to ride the ship along with Ellen Austin to New York. After two days , a fierce storm hit the region and both ships got separated. After the storm settled down, the other ship was gone with the crew members. There was no trail left behind.

Many years later a retired British Navy officer revealed that Ellen Austin found that ship again but like the previous time it was empty. There was no one on the ship. The captain sent its crew on the ship but the story repeated itself. It again disappeared and was never found again.



Wrecks of SS El Faro found

Wrecks of SS El Faro found

The latest victim of Bermuda Triangle mystery. On October 1, 2015, SS El Faro was traveling from Jacksonville (Florida) to Peurto Rico. It was carrying trailers, vehicles and containers. 33 crew members were on the board. A tropical storm from hundreds of kilometers away rushed towards the ship. It turned into a hurricane and hit El Faro with full force. It unleashed havoc on the poor ship. The most horrifying aspect was that the hurricane went back along the same path it came from.

After days of research, the rescue team found the ship in one piece at a depth of about 15,000ft in the Atlantic Ocean. But crew members were nowhere to be found. There wasn’t even a single trace left of them.



However, it is not the first time someone has come up with a theory about Bermuda triangle incidents. Time and time again different theories keep popping out like a rabbit from a magician’s hat. Let us take a look at them

Methane Gas Theory

There are huge methane gas fields in Bermuda Triangle

There are huge methane gas fields in Bermuda Triangle

Large fields of methane hydrates are present on the continental shelves. Laboratory experiments have shown that methane gas can decrease the density of water and sink a model ship. The theory says that methane eruptions occur in the region and they decrease the density of water in the area. As a result water in that area is not buoyant enough for ships and they sink down immediately. Constant methane explosions also saturate the atmosphere with the gas thus reducing the visibility which causes planes to crash.

Gulf Stream Theory

Gulf stream contributes to the list of theories about Bermuda Triangle. It is an ocean surface current which runs through the triangle. Its origin is in the Gulf of Mexico. This Gulf Stream is like a river in an ocean. Its flow is fast enough to carry floating objects along with it.Its  surface velocity can be up to about 2.5 meters per second. The current can easily carry small planes and ships with it.

Compass Variations

It is a well-known fact that compass plays a vital role in navigation. People believe that there are magnetic irregularities in the region. However, it has not been proved. Compass North and Geographic North are actually different. There is a narrow strip in Bermuda Triangle where both North’s are almost same. The sailors struggle to keep in right direction. This has caused many fatal accidents.

Adverse weather

Storms and hurricanes are a major factor in the destruction of ships and planes

Storms and hurricanes are a major factor in the destruction of ships and planes

Fierce storms and hurricanes are a common phenomenon in Bermuda Triangle. At times, satellites fail to detect them. These fierce forces of nature are more than capable of destroying anything that comes in their range. These cyclones have caused a number of fatal accidents in this deathbed.

Human error

You can’t rule out the possibility of human error in this haunted area. The human mind is vulnerable to error while passing through the intimidating Bermuda Triangle. This region is so confusing that one wrong move is enough to get lost and never return back.

Paranormal/Supernatural Theories

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, you might start believing if you hear these stories.

Lost city of Atlantis


The traces of lost city of Atlantis are believed to be still there in Bermuda Triangle

The traces of lost city of Atlantis are believed to be still there in Bermuda Triangle

There is a theory that the technology remains of the mythical lost city of Atlantis are still there in Bermuda Triangle. There are underwater rocks on the ocean floor called Bimini road. These rocks are near the coast of Bimini island in the Bahamas. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce had predicted that one day the city of Atlantis will be discovered and the Bimini Road will be found in 1968. Some rock foundations were found but the experts dismissed it as natural occurrences.

The city of Atlantis used special energy crystals. These crystals still exist. They radiate huge amount energy (death rays). These radiations cause a disturbance in navigation tools and take the ships and planes to their doom. Sometimes the energy itself will destroy the whole ship.

UFO Connection

Can UFO's be behind these accidents?

Can UFO’s be behind these accidents?

Some experts have referred to the presence of UFO’s as well.  Steven Spielberg used this idea in his movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The author of the best seller The Bermuda Triangle, Charles Berlitz has related strange disappearance of ships and planes to mysterious abducting forces.

Lord Hanuman Ji’s connection

Indian Connection to Bermuda Triangle-Lord Hanuman Ji

Indian Connection to Bermuda Triangle-Lord Hanuman Ji

This is by far the most interesting theory about Bermuda Triangle. It involves our very own beloved and respected Lord Hanuman.

During the era of Ramayana, there was a Demoness named Simhika. She lived in the Indian Ocean. Lord Brahma gave her a boon that she can grasp any object no matter how powerful it is. Everyone was scared to travel nearby her.

One day, while searching for Goddess Sita, Hanuman Ji was flying over the ocean. Simhika felt offended by it. She took it as an act of disrespect and tried to pull Hanuman Ji towards herself. Hanuman Ji’s speed was slowed and he felt powerless. He looked that Simhika was pulling his shadow towards her.

However, Hanuman Ji was no ordinary man. He decreased the size of his body and entered her mouth. He destroyed her internal organs and killed her.

This scared Simikha’s daughter. From the fear of Hanuman Ji, she ran away to an unknown place. This place is believed to be Bermuda Triangle. And she is the one who is causing all such strange incidents.

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