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Merry Christmas – The legend of Santa Claus

Udti Khabar team wishes you a merry Christmas.

HO HO HO!!!!!!!! Wish you a merry christmas. It’s jingle bells time again. Almost every kid all over the world eagerly waits for this time of the year. They wait for an iconic elderly white-bearded figure with short frame and a round tummy dressed in a red suit and traditional Chrismas hat carrying a bag full of gifts.

Santa Claus is teh most loved legend all over the world.

Santa Claus is the most loved legend all over the world.

By now all of you must have guessed whom we are talking about. It’s inevitable not to talk about Santa Claus during merry christmas. After all, he is the most loved legend in the history of this world and one of the main reason who makes Christmas a merry  Christmas. The legendary image of Santa Claus riding high in the night sky on his magical sleigh driven by nine reindeer captivates millions all across the planet (especially kids).

Santa has the best job in the world. He travels all around the world in a single night delivering gifts to millions of kids for being good. It’s hard to imagine how he manages to do it in just a single night. It must be a tough job. But the reason I call it the best job in the world is because he brings a precious smile on those innocent faces who believe in him with all their heart. It’s surely a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning with presents by your side.

But do you know the story behind the legend? Who is this jolly natured old man? Where it all started?

NO???? Then let us tell you the legend of Santa Claus.

Saint Nicholas- The man behind the legend of Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas is the man behind the legendary Santa Claus.

Saint Nicholas is the man behind the legendary Santa Claus.

Santa Claus finds it’s origins in the 4th century. Saint Nicholas is believed to be the man behind Santa Claus. Nicholas was born in Myra (which is now a part of modern Turkey) around 280 AD. He was the bishop of Myra and was a very rich man. His parents died when he was very young. Nicholas inherited a rich fortune from them. People admired him for his piety and kindness. He was a very generous man who was always willing to help the poor and needy people. He secretly helped many people but never wanted any credit for it or the people to know about it. It was this generosity of his which made him a legend among people.

There are many stories famous about Saint Nicholas but his story of helping three sisters to get married and save them from being forced into prostitution deserves a special mention. This story explains how the tradition of hanging up stockings for Christmas to get presents started.

Saint Nicholas helped the three daughters in getting married and saved them from prostitution.

Saint Nicholas helped the three daughters in getting married and saved them from prostitution.

There was a poor man who had three daughters. He had no money for dowry and for this reason his daughters were not getting married. Unfortunately, dowry system has its roots since ancient times and it still continues today. If the daughters were not able to get married then they would be forced into prostitution, as it was common in those times. Nicholas knew about their condition. He decided to help them. One night, he dropped a bag full of gold through the chimney into the house of poor man. He did it without telling anyone. The bag that Nicholas dropped fell into a stocking which was hung by the fire to dry. Now with enough money, the poor man was able to get his eldest daughter married.

Nicholas did the same few days later when it was the time for the marriage of the second daughter. Thus she also got married thanks to her unidentified well-wisher. The poor man was eager to know who this person was who was helping them. But it was a mystery.

The poor father was determined to find out who was helping them. Every evening he would hide by the fire hoping that the person will come. This continued for many days. One evening the moment arrived the poor man was waiting for. Nicholas came again to help the third daughter and this time the poor man caught him. Now he knew that their guardian angel was Nicholas. Nicholas begged him not to reveal this incident and keep it a secret. He did not want any credit or any attention for his good deeds.

But the news spread like fire. Now, when anyone received a secret gift, people think that it was from Nicholas. Soon because of his kindness Nicholas was known as Saint Nicholas. He would help children a lot. But children were not the only one he would help. He was also the Saint of the sailors.

Saint Nicholas was the saviour of sailors too.

Saint Nicholas was the savior of sailors too.

There is a story which tells of him helping some sailors that were caught in a ferocious storm off the coast of Turkey. The angry storm had surrounded the sailors they were heading towards their doom. Sensing their approaching death the sailors were left with no option but to pray. They prayed to Saint Nicholas to save them. Suddenly, out of nowhere a figure appeared and was standing in front of them. He was the legendary Saint Nicholas. He gestured the raging sea to calm down and the sea obliged. The storm settled down miraculously and the sailors safely reached their destination.

It is believed that Saint Nicholas died on 6th December in either 345 or 352. His feast day is celebrated on his death anniversary. People consider it a lucky day for shopping and getting married.


  • Santa Claus is known by many names. People call him  “Father Christmas”, “Kris Kringle”, “Saint Nick” or simply “Santa”.
  • The modern image of Santa Claus is the creation of Coca-Cola campaign.

    The modern image of Santa Claus is the creation of Coca-Cola campaign.

  • Modern Santa Claus first appeared in a Coca-Cola campaign. Artist Haddon Sundblom illustrated him wearing a red suit with white cuffs, a white collar, a black belt and a red hat which became the trademark of the Santa we know today.
  • Santa Claus has a wife. She first appeared in 1849 in a short story Christmas Legend by James Rees. Over the several years, she appeared in many literary works like Yale Literary Magazine and Harper’s Magazine. Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride written by Katherine Lee made her popular.
  • Santa riding on his sleigh driven by reindeer is an iconic image of Christmas.

    Santa riding on his sleigh driven by reindeer is an iconic image of Christmas.

  • The mystical reindeer who drives Santa’s sleigh were first introduced in  the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
  • Santa'a famous adobe.

    Santa’s famous adobe.

  • Santa Claus lives at the North Pole with his wife and elves.
  • Santa makes two lists of boys and girls. In one list he writes the name of good children and in the other he writes the names of naughty ones.
  • Santa delivers gifts to good children on the night of 24 December while they are sleeping.
  • It is believed that Santa gives coal to naughty children.
  • Santa travels the whole world in a single night.

    Santa travels the whole world in a single night.

  • Santa travels on his sleigh with the speed of light.
  • Santa has 8 reindeer. their names are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.
  • Rudolph coming to the rescue.

    Rudolph coming to the rescue.

  • Rudolph is the 9th reindeer. One night due to a snowstorm the 8  reindeer were not able to see through the night and thus were not able to fly. Rudolph had a glowing red nose. With its bright light, he leads the pack and showed the way to them. Before this incident, the other reindeer use to make fun of Rudolph because of his nose.

We hope you like the story of Santa Claus and we wish you a merry Christmas. Have a happy and safe one.

Udti Khabar Team Wishes you Merry Christmas

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