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Oyster Beach Park Gurgaon – Amusement Park and water park in Delhi

Oyster Beach Park Gurgaon - Amusement Park and water park in Delhi

Short review of Oyster Beach Park Gurgaon

Location of Oyster Beach Park: Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR
Point of attraction: 90 feet tall sky fall and 20 meters tall OMG ride
Timing: 11am to 6pm
Type: Water Park only (no Amusement ride)
Famous point: Return of Appughar
Tickets Charges : 1200/-
Rating: 3 /5    ☆☆☆

Address of Oyster Beach Park Gurgaon

Once upon a time in Delhi,there was an India’s favorite amusement park ‘Appu Ghar’ and it was closed due to expiry of the land lease between the International Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) and the International Amusement Limited.But now it has come back again with its new theme of a beach and with a new name “OYSTERS beach Park”.Oyster water park is in a prime location near Huda City Metro station & spread across an area of around 10 acres.When you will deboard your metro on hudda city metro stn,you will see a wonderful place Where you will see a crowd of people like a bunch of ants in water.This wonderful sight looks like a vision of paradise.There are lots of  strength and Flaws in Oyster Water Park.When we enter in oyster, there is a reception hall where we can book tickets and can buy swimming costumes and lockers

These key attractions makes the Oyster Beach better than other Water Parks

Water Slides

Main Key features of the Oyster Water Park are ,there are  16 water slides.Slides are shorter as compared to fun & food and wow but Oh my Gurgaon and Sky fall are only available in Oyster.If anyone wants to make a adventures trip then he should go for Oyster beach.People are curious to know about Oyster Beach Water Park.Our Many subscribers have requested to write about it like Water Slide, Ticket price, Start Time,  that’s why we are writing about Water Slides in detail.Hope so you will enjoy.

Oyster Beach parks' s Water Slides

Oyster Beach parks’ s Water Slides

Sky Fall – India’s first terrifying ride is Skyfall of Oyster Water Park. You feel like you are being dropped straight down out of the sky.Its turns are very different from a roller coaster ride where you are mechanically controlled.Sky fall aka free fall 90 feet Free fall drop would be all ready to blow your mind.This ride is one of the key feature in the Oyster Beach water park which already made a record for tallest Ride in India in Limca Book of records .
Oh My Gurgaon – Aqua Loop aka OMG (Oh my Gurgaon) is a ride, in which you will feel like it has been a landslide under the feet. OMG is the name of thigh-thrill speed slide for an unforgettable adventure wherein there is a trap door. After a countdown, the trapdoor opens and You begin to fall downwards at speed of 62 kmph for 5 seconds.Overall It is Amazing ride.
Wave Pool – A wave pool is basically a swimming pool in which there are artificially generated reasonably large waves, similar to an ocean for instance.


Flaws in Oyster Water Park

Management – The Oyster Beach Park is a good option for the adventurous trip, but there is short flaw in management like they are a bit less monitoring in slides. Even before the arrival of a man to the end of the slide, they send another person on the slide.Due to this reason, the Second man kicks the earlier came man. Not only this, coast guards do not help in deep wave pool.

Costumes – If you had gone to fun and food village and WOW and had hired swimming costumes in low price, then please don’t compare to it, because they only sell swimming costumes. There are not any norms of hiring swimming costume and there are costly swimming costumes.It will be better if  you buy costumes before going to oyster Beach Park.

Address of Oyster Beach Park Gurgaon

Huda City Metro Station Sector 29 ,Gurgaon – 122009

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In Gurgaon, Tickets Charges : 1200/-
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