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Sunil Grover not returning to Kapil Sharma’s show- Says wants to act with dignity

Popular comedian Sunil Grover who is renowned for his roles as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku bhabhi in the Kapil Sharma show has made it clear that he won’t be returning to the show ever again. Sunil took to social networking site twitter to reveal that he has no intentions to come back irrespective of how much money he is paid. He said that he intends to keep on acting and entertaining the people but with dignity. He chose his honour over money saying that money can not be the only reason for him to do or not to do anything. This news will definitely disappoint many fans who were eagerly waiting for him to return on the Kapil Sharma show.

Both Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover have been creating headlines since their infamous spat during which a drunk Kapil had allegedly hit Grover with a shoe. He also assaulted him the rest of the team verbally. It was not the first time that Kapil had insulted his team. This act of Kapil proved to be the final nail in the coffin as Sunil Grover and rest of the team refused to work with Kapil anymore. Since then the show’s TRP has fallen drastically and the future of the show hangs in uncertainty.

Since the news of their fight became public there have been speculations on whether Sunil will return on the show or not. There have been various efforts by Kapil and the channel to bring back  Sunil. Kapil even publicly apologised to Sunil in order to convince him to come back. Comedians like Raju Srivastava, Ehsaan Qureshi and Sunil Paul tried to fill the gap left by Sunil but the things did not get any better. In spite of all the efforts, Sunil was firm on his stand to not return to the show.

Recently Raju Srivastava revealed that while he was trying to convince Sunil to make peace with Kapil and come back he refused to do it. He told Raju that Kapil has offended him several times in the past and now the limit was crossed. He said that even if Kapil mend his ways still Sunil won’t return to the show.

Meanwhile, there were some reports coming that after pressure from the channel and a huge increase in pay, Sunil had decided to forgive Kapil and move on and was ready to reprise his role as doctor Mashoor Gulati. However, Sunil now has rubbished all these claims by issuing a statement via twitter that he is not coming back on the show. He has made it clear that his dignity is more important than money. This tweet by Sunil Grover has buried any remaining hopes of him returning to the Kapil Sharma show once and for all.

Currently Sunil his busy in performing live acts. Last week, he reprised his famous characters of doctor Mashoor Gulati, Rinku bhabhi and Guthi in a live gig in New Delhi. He also appeared in the final of Indian Idol season 9.

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