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Imagine a dark secret society of rich, influential and powerful people which worships “satan” exists among us without our knowledge and it’s members are controlling major world events has one goal in mind i.e world domination.They challenge our faith in God and intend to create a new world order which has no place for our beliefs and they do not hesitate to indulge their hands in blood in order to achieve their goal.At first it seems like a plot of a Hollywood supernatural thriller movie but if we give it a second thought and even for a moment believe it to be real it sends a deep shivers down our spine.This mysterious society known as ILLUMINATI  is indulged in dark arts and blood sacrifices and comprises of most influential and famous people of the world.When any of their member tries to go against them or they seem to be of no further use the society sacrifices them.

Though there is no proof of it let us look at 10 celebrity deaths that are believed to be caused by the ILLUMINATI as political murders and blood sacrifices.It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or dismiss it as just a myth.


Died : December 8, 1980 (40 years old)

Cause of Death : Murdered by shooting

John Lennon, member of legendary musician band Beatles was shot dead by Mark David Chapman at Dakota, his residence in New York city.John took an anti war stance and openly criticized the ruling class and evils of the industry.As a result he was considerd as a threat by many people in power and wanted to get rid of him.INS desperately tried to deport him and he was also under FBI surveillance.

It is rumored that Chapman was under the influence of Illuminati at the time of the murder.He was a part of Illuminati mind control program specifically trained to kill John Lennon.It is believed that these were the same group of people who had carried out the executions of Martin Luthar King, kenndyes and many other deaths in 60’s.Since John was a peace loving and influential man he did not fit into the ideals of Illuminati and thus they decided to get rid of him.


Died : September 13, 1996 (25 years old)

Cause of Death : Murdered by shooting

Tupac was an American hip hop artist who was shot dead in his car at a red light in Las Vegas, Nevada.A car stopped near his car and an unidentified man started shooting at Tupac.He died in hospital after 6 days.The accused was never caught and the case remains officially unsolved to this day.

It is believed that Tupac once was associated with Illuminati and sold his soul to the devil in exchange for success.He enjoyed it for a little while but later tried to go against their path once he understood their vices.It is also believed that he wanted to expose Illuminati and he started speaking against their vision.He was responsible for the term “KILLUMINATI” which might mean killing of Illuminati.Soon he was seen as a potential threat by the secret society and they got him murdered.Many people see his death both as a blood sacrifice and a way to silence him forever.


Died : August 5, 1962 (36 years old)

Cause of Death : Drug Overdose (probable suicide)

Hollywood sensation Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home in Los Angeles.She was lying nude on her bed with her head down and a telephone receiver in her hand.After investigation it was concluded that she died because of overdose of the pills, prescribed to treat her depression.Even a suicide was suspected.

However many fans consider Illuminati’s hand behind her sudden death.There is a theory that Monroe was a Presidential model and she was killed in front of public eye.


Died : July 3, 1971 (27 years old)

Cause of Death : Heart attack

One of the most influential figures of rock music culture Jim Morrison was found dead in a bath tub at his apartment in Paris by Courson.Although no autopsy was performed the official cause of his death was listed as heart failure.The absence of autopsy leaves enough doubt regarding his death.It is believed that he might have died because of overdose of heroine.The news of his death went public three days after he died.

It was believed that Jim was fascinated with the occult (something that fits perfectly with illuminati conspiracy theory).It is rumored that illuminati staged his death.Some people even claim that his death was a hoax planted by illuminati and Jim is alive and is claimed to be seen at different places all over the world.


Died : February 11, 2012 (48 yr. old)

Cause of Death : Drug Overdose

Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub at Beverly Hilton hotel.Drug Overuse was released as the cause of her death.But like so many unnatural deaths in music industry Hilton’s death too is often related to Illuminati.It is believed that she was offered as a blood sacrifice (a common ritual in Illuminati).Some reports also claim that her daughter Bobby Kristina was almost drowned in the same bathtub a day before her death and in order to spare her from death Whitney offered herself as a sacrifice.It is to be noted that several years later Bobby died in the same manner.


Died : August 31st, 1997 (36 yr. old)

Cause of Death : Accident

Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car accident  in the Pont de l’Alma road in Paris, France.She was accompanied by Dodi and her driver Henri Paul and her bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones.The car crashed into the 13th pillar of the tunnel.Dodi and Paul died immediately and Diana in hospital leaving Rees as the sole survivor.

Princess Diana’s death left lot of controversial theories behind it with Illuminati also being suspected as one of the masterminds.It was believed that royal family was an integral part of the secret society (as members of Illuminati were supposed to be rich, royal and influential people).Once Diana had split from Prince Charles and her alleged affair with Dodi was an embarrassment for the royal family.She use to call Windsors as “reptiles” and ” not human” (these traits are strongly associated with Illuminati).To avoid this embarrassment the Illuminate decided to get rid of her.


Died :  June 25th, 2009 (50 yr. old)

Cause of Death : Drug overdose

The “King of Pop” was also believed to be linked with Illuminati.Michael Jackson died in his home of Beverly Hills.The official statement said that the cause of the death was overdose of Propofol and Benzodiazepine which resulted in cardiac arrest.Conrad Murray, who was his personal physician was convicted of involuantry manslaughter in 2011.

However there were many doubts about his death in minds of his fans and theorists.Many relate his sudden death to his alleged link with the Illuminati.It was believed that since his Jackson five days he was in contact with the secret society but with time he learned of their evil ways and was trying to escape their cluches.He started speaking against them through his songs as he knew that he could not speak directly against them (such is the fear of Illuminati).Shortly before his death Jackson in an interview spoke about the powers that be and their need to control everything in music industry (which was believed to be Illuminati).It was also believed that he was a monarch programmed slave and his child abuse cases were staged by Illuminati.He told his sister about a secret society which is trying to kill him.He was pushed towards drugs by the secret society so that he can be eaisly controlled but things did not work out according to the plans as Michael was turning against them.Hence Illuminati decided to sacrifice him.


Died : November 22, 1963 (46 yr. old)

Cause of Death : Shot Dead

Yes, you read that right.Even the Presidents are not safe from Illuminati (at least this is what many people claim).John F. Kennedy was fatally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas while he was travelling in a Presidential motorcade.Although Oswald was believed to be alone there are many who suspect that Illuminati was the mastermind and Oswald was just a pawn of the game.

There were many rumors speculating about Kennedy’s alleged involvement with Illuminati.It was believed that Kennedy was working with Illuminati but soon got tired of them.He wanted to put an end to the vietnam war which was increasing Iilluminati’s economic power.This angered the higher class of the secret organization and they had no choice but to eliminate him.


Died : April 15th, 1865 (56 yr. old)

Cause of Death : Shot Dead

One of the most popular President of America is also believed to be the victim of Illuminati.John Wilkes Booth, an actor and a confederate sympathizer shot the President into the back of his head while he was watching a play at Ford’s theatre in Washington D.C.

Abraham Lincoln enjoyed a lot of support in the Northern region but the same could not be said about the southern region.The country was involved in the civil war for the next four years which was the core of his presidential term.In order to bear the cost of the war and to avoid the high interest rates Abraham Lincoln decided to print his own notes.The theory is that this action lead to his assassination by a group of European bankers who were controlled by Illuminati as economic control is a very important aspect of Illuminati domination.The President use to look business corporations as a possible threat to Southern confederacy and was quite vocal against them.To prevent this the Illuminati carried out his execution.


Died :  April 4, 1968 (39 years old)

Cause of Death : Fatally shot

An American civil rights leader, Martin Luther was shot dead while he was standing in the balcony of his room at Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee.He was one of the most influential persons and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.James Earl Ray was identified as the accused and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

However many specialists believe that it was a political murder and the dark society Illuminati was behind it.King Luther’s ideals were completely in contrast with the illuminati’s and he was a very influential man.This was an obvious threat to the existence of Illuminati.King Martin openly spoke against the Vietnam war and this propelled Illuminati to carry out his execution.

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