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Explosion at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester – 19 killed

Terror attack in Manchester: An explosion which is feared to be a suicide bombing has killed 19 people and left more than 50 injured at an at an Ariana Grande concert which was being held at Manchester, London on Monday. There is a huge possibility that this is a terror attack.

Reports suggest that the explosion took place at 10:35 pm. Just when the show was ending and the 23-year-old American pop star was signing off with her trademark flourish of dropping the pink balloons from the rafters, people heard an explosion which reverberated through the building. The blast seems to have occurred in the public part of the arena. British Transport police told that it took place in the foyer near the ticket office.

police taking care of a victim of the blast

police taking care of a victim of the blast

It was a situation of total chaos as people had no clue what to do and many people got separated from their loved ones. This appears to be one of the deadliest terror attack in London since the subway bombings in 2005.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May said that her thoughts are with the families of the victims in these difficult times. She has called for the meeting the government’s emergency committee, Cobra on Tuesday. She has suspended her campaign for general elections.

The chief constable of Greater Manchester, Ian Hopkins said in a press conference held at 3:00 am that they will treat this explosion as a possible terror attack and urged the public to remain vigilant.

There are no confirmed reports but the police suspect that there was a suicide bomber who might have detonated an explosive device filled with nails.

A senior officer who remains anonymous told that they have briefed the Intelligence officials in the United States about the attack. They believe it to be a terrorist attack.

police has widend the security cordon around the arena

police has widened the security cordon around the arena

The security cordon around the arena was widened as the bomb disposal team arrived on the scene for further investigation on Tuesday.

Gary Walker, one of the many fans who were at the concert with his two daughters and wife told the reporters that as soon as the concert ended, he heard a huge bang and saw a flash. He then realized that his wife was hurt due to the explosion. She suffered stomach wounds and a broken leg. They were rushed to a nearby hospital.

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Ariana Grande is on an International tour supporting the album in 2016, “Dangerous woman”. Her publicist, Joseph Carozza said the pop star was ok but she was “in hysterics” over the deadly blast.

Parents who were separated from their children were asked to reach Holiday Inn where many children who were present at the concert had taken refuge. Many hotels opened their doors for the people who were stuck inside the police cordon and offered them drinks and food and gave them phones and chargers so that they could contact their relatives. The local residents also gave shelters to the victims.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi condemned the terror attack. He said on India’s behalf that he is pained by the attack and he strongly condemns it. Our prayers are with those who are injured and thoughts with the deceased.

The campaign for general elections is going on in Britain with the voting day is on June 8. Terror attack in Manchester could have been planned to cause political unrest in the country.

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