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Arena Animation Pitampura felicitated its stars of the month

Arena Animation – Pitampura felicitated its stars of the month

Felicitation motivation, inspiration are such common terms from which we come across in our day to day life and especially when we are either management students or moral education student, but have we ever tried to know something about these terms that what they actually meant or why do we use them or what is the need of them.
These words are not just limited to being heavy spelled or pronounced but they are actually some heavy duty works and they keep a very important role in everyone’s life or I should rather say it has a much-delegated role in each and every living being.
If a flora and fauna will not be motivated to for the job they are currently doing then one fine day or after a definite time they stop reciprocating and will start pursuing their job in a lethargic manner. So, therefore, one needs to be motivated for a better result.
Before we move further let us study a bit about these heavy duty terms, felicitation, and motivation.
The term motivation is usually used to explain someone’s behavior i.e. it acts as a direction for a behavior of a living being. It is a practice where we develop moral and boost up the confidence of a person in such a way that he/she wants to work harder and harder to their goal as soon as possible with an efficient result. According to famous authors, Martin L.Maehr and Heather Meyer like other psychological concepts motivation is also a part of some popular culture.
While on the other hand, the term felicitation is just a words, which is used to express a praise for an achievement of a person or some kind of good wishes on a special occasion.
So I was saying that how motivation and felicitation keep an important role in the lifespan of flora and fauna.
Everyone loves being felicitated. It just doesn’t make you stand out of the queue but also it will give you a new spark in your life, makes you fully motivated and in addition to this it also boost up your energy level to work harder and harder.
Heading the heads towards the direction of motivation Arena Animation Pitampura, a branch of Arena Animation Academy situated in the heart of India i.e. Delhi has felicitated its various stars of the month. This institute resides at Arena Animation, II floor 368, KOHAT ENCLAVE, PITAMPURA, Delhi, 110034. Arena Animation Pitampura has started a new program named “Star of the Month” where every student submits their work in various disciplines such as graphic designing, 2D-3D animation, modeling, sketching and some other sectors as well and the best of them gets selected as a Star of the Month.

Today this was the first felicitation ceremony done by the center and on the same time, they have announced the themes of Star of the Month contest. The director of this center seemed to be very happy while conducting the event and he stated that, “we are trying our level best to motivate our students so that they can do something. Ab hummney to ghar nahi ley jana hai sab bacchon ki mehant hai aur iska fal bhi inhey hi millega. Chalo God bless them for a bright and happy future” His blessing words were enough to encourage all those students who have either didn’t participated or couldn’t select.


The students who have become the star of the month are listed below:

Sketching – Shivam Gupta stood first and Garima Sharma stood second.
2D animation – Aishwarya has secured the first position in it.
3D Modelling – Jai Kishor has won the race with his epic Harley while Parvez stood second.
Motion Graphics – Aneesh Kumar stood first and Matansh Sharma has won the second position.
Graphic Designing– Varun and Deval secured top rankings

All the winning students have the credit of their success to their respective faculties.To make this event more successful centre head, Mr. Sudhir Sehgal, front officers M/s Manisha and M/s Rajani, all the faculties like M/s Pooja 3D faculty, Mr. Pradeep audio-video faculty, Mr. Sagar 2D faculty, M/s Swati Sketching faculty and students like Ankit Gugnani, Harman Hunjan, Shubham, Ajay, Rohan, Shivam,Garima,Aishwarya,Parvez,Aneesh,Matansh,Varun,Deval Jai, Vilakshan, Ruchika, Anjani, Nikkita, Anubhav, Ashish etc were present.

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