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How To Become Rich And Chase Your Dreams


There is a very old saying that “Money can buy anything but not feelings” which is quite true as well. Like one can buy food but not starvation. Well nowadays in the era of social networking this very beautiful and pretty quote has also become a part of #SocialTroll there are many posts which make a funny troll of this statement like money rich person can’t buy happiness and see how unhappy they are in their private yacht.
For some level, if this troll is right then if we have money then we can at least have a private yacht but the major thing is that we need to have some money for this purpose or we can say that we need to become rich for this.
The term is Rich is not a word but is itself a state of vocabulary and it is so because everyone has his/her own definition of rich. One person can say if he/she becomes rich then being rich is a key to them to their luxury, so a second person can say that becoming rich will make him/her valuable and respectful in society. Well, guys whatever are your statement of being rich but before all of that, you need to know that how to become rich. Now the question arises that can someone become rich.
Once in a while, we all have read stories of some common man who become a rich man like Dheeru Bhai or Mark Zuckerberg or Indira Nooyi and much more. One of the most important factors is this that you need to have some stuff in your bank account to become a rich person. Which means you need to add a lot of money in the account and to get such amount you have to follow many ways and methods. In my today’s article, I’m gonna share some of those methods with you.

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One of the easiest and short ways is to get rich is that you took birth in a well luxury family so that you don’t need to do extra labor for adding money to your account and all you need to do is spend hard. Well, this method is quite easy but is not that easy to implement because taking birth in a particular family is not in your hand and if so then why anyone takes birth in a slum. But I do have some lucky examples to share with you one is Siddharth Mallya ward of Samira Tyabjee Mallya and Vijay Mallya, Anat Ambani ward of Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani.
Well taking birth to a wealthy family is not in your hand but you can try to get marry a wealthy person but let me make one think very clear that neither in this article nor at the personal ground I support any kind of materialistic marriage. I mean I’m not suggesting you marry any rich person only and only for the sake of luxury and wealth. If you marry then marry only and only if you both feel for each other else my friend this marriage is not a relationship but only a business deal.
There is a long list of cases where after getting wealthy couples divert their ways. Like I’ve read that CEO of six India Mr. Sunjay Kapur accused his wife Karishma Kapoor that she marries him for the sake of money but according to me it’s all roomers because she is well settled and powerful actress so she may not need money.

Don’t get upset if my two suggestions are not worth it for you as you are not that blessed that you could take birth in a rich family or get a wealthy better half because you may test your luck in other sector and you might be lucky enough in those sectors that your life swings at 360*. You can try to buy lottery tickets if you are lucky so may be bilinear over a night or if you want to add your sweat to your luck then you can try for some mining work like diamond mining and best option for you is to visit villages of Chhattisgarh. You never know what destiny has planned for you.
Well if all this doesn’t work then I’ve few more solutions for you but from now onwards you have to start working hard. My next suggestion in the queue is to work hard and invest wisely so that you can collect some fund for your project and in order to fulfill this task, first of all, you need to get a job so that you can start earning some funds to invest and spend both.
So start earning and when you think you have sufficient amount to invest then take your money and invest it in an online business and keep continue your job so that you can be prepared for any kind of future lost or keep investing in your business. I have some blogger friends of mine who are doing well from their blogs so I suggest you that option as an online bossiness as well. If you love to watch youtube then you can take the example of your favorite you tuber that how they started and how they are earning now.
But guys I would love to warn you in advance that this task is full of risk as there is no guarantee that your audience loves your work and this is one the risk or damage I’ve mentioned earlier. Now if you think that investing money online may lead you to a loss instead of gain then you can think of stock market which is also known as Dalal street. If you watch Tv serials then you can take the example of Ranvir from Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi or you can talk to your mom about him.
Apart from Dalal Street, there is one more sector, real estate sector where you can invest and that is quite safe and secure. You can simply start selling from a single plot or from your own property or even being an agent and when you got your first payment then it is up to you totally that you take your profit or invest it completely in your business.
Guys! now we will discuss some expenses and avoidances as well. There are many expenses which are done by us in our daily life just for the sake of our convenience and comfort which are so waste of money that if only we start saving that money we can save a lot. According to a research, a person can at least waste INR 14400 annually only on rickshaw because when they pay for rickshaw they pay a very little amount but when the total is calculated then they realize that how much they have wasted last year. The second common waste of money is smoking and drinking. Yeah, you read right we waste a lot of money in smoking and drinking practices and this time our wastage is some change it is in lakh and a fine sum of which any person can afford a car.
Apart from this, there are many other miscellaneous activities where we waste a lot of money which could be wisely used. Well, my friend if you are too devoted to shopping then I suggest you shop in such a way that either you get a good cash back or some shopping coupons so that you can redeem that later, in short, you can get free gifts on shopping. Once you even hire a rickshaw using a coupon then you can save few bucks though which is not an ocean but it’s at least a drop in it and remembers only drop-drop makes an ocean. So instead of quick payment give some time to yourself to find some coupon for your shopping. In addition to this always make a budget for every month which includes all your expenses such as bills or rickshaw funds or even for smoking and follow it strictly and always try harder for bargaining more than you can so that you may have some pocket money at the end of month and you can even learn that how much you have wasted earlier.
Now we are again at that stage where we think from where we can get money initially and if you say that you will do a job for that so you have to learn that how to get a good job. Since you are not only the one who is applying for a particular post, therefore, you must have something which makes you stand out of crowd. Whether you are a graduate or a post graduate or a diploma holder or even you have just done a vocational course then still you have to learn something extra and start working with clients even for free so that your HR may consider you because of your extra skills and experiences and offer you some incentives as well. Once you get a good job then still keep on doing some freelancing or part-time online jobs so that there should always be one extra lifeline for you.
If your luck doesn’t support you then you can be rich by using some wrong or illegal activities such as gambling, extortion, looting or scam. There exist many people today who have done unethical jobs in their early life and today they are rich today and that too only by doing criminal deeds. In countries like India doing a scam is a very easy task especially when you do on accounts of myths or funding. Anyone can easily claim that he/she is blessed with super power and is next to godliness and to prove that they simply name some scientific tricks their miracle. There are many lottery scams registered where culprits attract their traps by offering a good return. Once they get a good collection they simply flew off or I should say they got vanish. Hope you remember the Sardha Finance chit fund scam. Though I’m saying that you have to earn smartly and spend wisely but earning smartly doesn’t mean that you choose shortcuts or wrong activities like you extort money from a wealthy person or looting an ATM. Remember always that doing criminal activities are less hardworking and demands no qualification or extra experience and can make you rich easily but you have to pay for sins and karma.

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