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Now Audience will see Salman Khan after Shahrukh khan’s Lungi Getup

Now Audience will see Salman Khan after Shahrukh khan’s Lungi Getup

Apple of everybody’s eye,Sallu mia aka Salman Khan is coming in his new avatar for an advertisement.Udti Khabar Press reporter said Salman Khan was on a set where he wore a lungi and a vest.On the set, he was so excited in lungi. Actually, he was doing an ad commercial of an inderwear brand on Mumbai’s popular studio.

He said in his interview I usually wear lungis earlier. Sometimes, I have worn lungis as a night dress. I have worn them in lots of films earlier then why people are saying SRK is only one who have worn a lungi in his film Chennai Express.Shahrukh Khan gave a tribute to Rajni ji. It is just that I have not perform a lungi dance (He said these words with laughing and gave a challenge to Shahrukh Khan)

His innerwear advertisment has been created by famous advertising maker Piyush Pandey. Though Salman khan accepted his act for the ad commercial, he was not shy to pose in vest and lungi infront of the camera due to his fat. And the ‘Dabangg’ Khan will do pushup and diet plans to get back his shape.He increased his fat for his superhit film Sultan.

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