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Jagga Jasoos Movie review- A musical Bollywood gets right

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are back together as a couple…at least onscreen. This is the first time the couple is working together post their break-up and this is one of the reason the audience has been waiting eagerly for the release of “Jagga Jasoos”. Well, finally the long wait is over as Jagga Jasoos hit the theaters today. The film is directed by Anurag Basu. Ranbir and Anurag have worked together before in Barfi. The music of the film is also very much liked. Most of the songs have been sung by Arijit Singh. The best part of the movie is that even after the breakup the chemistry between the couple is still fun to watch.

Main Elements of Jagga Jasoos

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif,  Sayani Gupta, Saurabh Shukla, Ad Sharma, Karan Wahi

Genre: Musical adventure, comedy, drama
Director: Anurag Basu
Duration: 160 minutes
Language: Hindi
Famous Song: Galti se mistake
Rating: 3 /5 ⋆⋆⋆


Ranbir Kapoor plays a school boy in Jagga Jasoos

Ranbir Kapoor plays a school boy in Jagga Jasoos

The film’s story revolves around a teenager spy Jagga (Ranbir Kapoor) Kapoor. He solves the murder mystery of a girl who is studying in his school.  He goes on a journey to find his father who had left him in his childhood in the same school where he was a teacher.

Ranbir and Katrina in Jagga Jasoos.

Ranbir and Katrina in Jagga Jasoos.

He meets a journalist Shruti (Katrina Kaif) during his journey who accompanies him and helps him find the answers about his father’s disappearance. They find out that Jagga’s father is no longer alive. The duo takes on the new quest of unrevealing the mysterious circumstances behind his father’s death. With his sharp mind and unique detective skills and with the help of Shruti, Jagga goes on an extraordinary journey which has a twist in store for him. Well, we won’t spoil your fun here and you have to find about this “desi twist” yourself.


Anurag Basu is a wonderful director and knows what he wants from the movie and how to present it in front of the audience. He was so dedicated to this movie that he did not take on any other project for the past three years. The storyline. The scenes and the beautiful background of various locations perfectly fit with each other and tells the story effortlessly in a beautiful way.


Bollywood is not known for good musical movies but Jagga Jasoos breaks this trend. The movie goes on in a dreamlike environment and it seems like we are watching a fairy tale. Ranbir Kapoor slips into the character of a stammering teenager who has out of the box deduction skills without any effort. He is such a wonderful actor.

Jagga Jasoos is a world of fairy tal.

Jagga Jasoos is a world of fairy tal.

Most of the story in the movie is narrated through songs. While watching the movie we felt like we were floating in a world of dreams that we are not used to in Bollywood. It was a serene experience. The movie takes inspiration from many other movies but the good part is that all these combine together to give us a fresh look (at least for Hindi movie audience).

The synchronized movements on screen make the movie so good and Anurag Basu has used it very well.

The songs play a major role in the movie and thankfully they relate to the movie (unlike those item numbers which sometimes are irritating). The songs are already quite popular and some scenes just take our breath away.

The background adds life to the movie. The movie is shot in the beautiful locations in Thailand, Darjeeling, and Morocco. They give the feeling that the characters in the movie actually live in a world of dreams. It’s so beautiful to watch and you will literally want to go to these places.

Katrina Kaif has done really well as an outspoken journalist who is full of life. Saurabh Shukla leads the supporting cast which plays a vital role in the plot. They all come together and make the journey of Jagga Jasoos worth watching.


The movie is beautifully made and everything in the movie from story to the acting is free flowing. Jagga Jasoos is worth your time and will not regret watching it.


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