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Hollywood VS Bollywood – Difference between Hollywood and Bollywood Films

Hollywood VS Bollywood - Difference between Hollywood and Bollywood

Hollywood VS Bollywood – When it comes to the nation the nation’s pride becomes everyone’s priority but apart from being an honest patriotic we also have to look there exist some disciplines where our country is lacking behind and the major of them is our B-Town. Yes, it’s a true fact that even after making different saga movies our Bollywood is lacking behind Hollywood. There are many reasons like bigger budgets, Better stories, casting etc which makes Hollywood better than Bollywood.

Hollywood is the home of the U.S. film industry and is located in the central region of Los Angeles, California. Its movies will consist of cool realistic locations, extremely good VFX, highly paid stars. For all this Hollywood pays a big amount and on the other hand, Bollywood do spend well but due to lack of technology and several other reasons liking poor casting, bad experiences couldn’t give a good output.

The other difference that comes is of casting. Hollywood takes a proper time to finalize their decision on casting, during this session they calculate each and every attribute of their character and then match it with the celeb on whom their character can look realistic but on the other hand Bollywood casts a person either on the basis of his/her fan following or being from a reputed and well-famed family even though he/she fits for character or can act and as a result of this approach lead to a joke. Therefore casting in Hollywood is done at a better level as compared to Bollywood. There is not only an issue of casting but also of other factors like stories, screenplay and much more. Hollywood is quite lucky in the matter of screenwriters because these screenwriters are so damn well that converting a mediocre story into a marvel a left-hand job for them. Now as far as Bollywood is concerned then there is usually a cultural background or a redefined old movie story and even sometimes the worst is just a copy paste version of old stories. If X has done a movie on a subject few years back then every production of B-town starts making on that subject. While on the same time Hollywood always brings a fresh stuff and unique concept and we have witnessed it like 2012, Avatar and much more. We have a very common example of this is Krrish from Bollywood and Iron Man, Superman, Batman etc from Hollywood.


Krrish Movie



Hollywood has a variety of subjects as compared to Bollywood. Bollywood always has to take a support of item numbers or adultery contents for their movies but if we compare only adultery of Hollywood and Bollywood then Bollywood is still lacking behind. If we talk about a nude scene or a sex scene than in Hollywood movies we can see a better nude artist and a quite real sex seen while in Bollywood we can’t view this though there are many actors in B-Town like John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh who did nude seen they were not so happening as compared to those of done in Hollywood.

As I discuss about nudity difference in Hollywood and Bollywood then at this stage of point we can observe another big difference that if you being a movie maker going to show a man’s cock or his butts or his friend or her breast than neither your team nor your audience going to have any issues and even you are quite fearless to release such movie but on the other hand even if you just proposed a plot of such movie then you are gonna witness n number of protest against you. Our loving James Bond always had a sex in his all bond series and even in his movie “Casino Royal” he did a naked shot with his butts and coke and now image the time when a Bollywood actress faced a huge protest against her item number.

Not even if you going to serve nudity, but even if you serve a movie with a stuff carrying a hijacking of the White House or an assassination of Mr. President then the President will be going to love this and also supports this but on the other hand if we going to do with a particular political leader then his/her followers will going to make your life hell.

If we move a step ahead of screenwriting and story then our next stage is realistic. The success of your movie also depends on the fact that how realistic is your movie even though you are not having a good story or screenplay. For example, if we are making a movie on Aliens then we can compare Avatar from Hollywood and Koi Mil Gaya from Bollywood. We also witness ghosts in the movie then ghosts of Hollywood are enough capable of giving you goose bumps as compared to Bollywood. The graphics, Visual effects are no doubt very good in Hollywood, whether they have to shoot a horror scene, a romantic scene or even a musical saga they always have the highest quality of backgrounds and effects.

Apart from ghost and aliens if we talk about some action seen performed in Bollywood are also quite fake and artificial as well. Like if we are having a fight in an aero plane and by chance its window got broken or door opens or any accident happens which allows air to pass through than nothing flew out but in Hollywood even the fighters are fighting by flying in order to make audience believe they are actually fighting in plane and something wrong has happened even if they have fallen in sky from plane then underwater seen are also real, you can even easily observe the smallest ripple.

In simple terms, we can say that Hollywood make their movie after a long research, planning, and observation. Let’s say that Hollywood is making a historical movie to they take their full time for planning and plotting. We can use the example of epic love story Titanic. The sinking of the ship, its architecture everything is so damn real that it ties the audience till last. One of the most amazing fact about the movie that it has been shot in a bath tube but it was so well shot and designed that it looks like an ordinary ocean.
The movie made in Hollywood is quite original as compared to Bollywood. Many people say that Hollywood movies are novel based but my dear it’s very easy for anyone to say that these movies are adapted from books or novels but dude it’s really a hard nut to crack to convert a factious character to a real one and that too in a beautiful manner. Now if I discuss Bollywood on this then as I said it’s full of repetition because most of them are either Hollywood originated or have been dubbed from South Indian movies. Bollywood has moved a step ahead in this directions because now it has even started dubbing Chinese, Korean and Thai films in Hindi.
If we talk about software’s then Cinema4D is a very common software and tool in Hollywood but Cinema 4D is rarely known to Bollywood artist.

Another big reason I would like to present for the success of Hollywood over Bollywood is large scaled released. We all know that a Hollywood movie is always released worldwide and United States, Great Britain are those countries where at least a movie is accessible while a Bollywood movie is not even accessible to entire India. Thus the scene is quite clear that who gonna have higher profit and a larger output. Therefore a Hollywood grabs more audiences as compared to Bollywood.

We can also take an example of many people who have shifted to United States to work in Hollywood industry and if they have migrated then for sure they are finding the most of the best opportunities they can get from any other workplace they can work to enhance their skills and talents. Neil Nitin Mukesh, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Cristian Bale, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other people are currently working in Hollywood project or shifted there or about to start their Hollywood projects. Therefore is not bad to say that Hollywood industry is far better than any other film industry.

Written by Sumeet Rathi ( Freelance designer and writter)

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