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Shivaay leaked – Ajay Devgn will take a legal action against Kamaal R Khan

Shivaay leaked - Ajay Devgn took legal action against Kamaal R Khan

“Kamaal Ho gaya Bhaiya, Kamaal Bhai darr nahi lagta” . A new thrilled News has come that ‘KRK’ a film reviewer gave a bad review about Ajay Devgan’s Latest Film Shivaay. This film is going to release on 28 Oct 2016 in India. Before releasing, KRK spoiled the fun behind the film and also uploaded first 11-second scene of Shivaay as you can see in below-given image.

KRK Tweet

KRK Tweet at a cinema of Dubai

Kamaal R Khan has violated piracy laws and leaked the opening scene of Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay while watching it in a cinema of Dubai. He also tweeted important plot details on Twitter. Reliance Entertainment said they have decided to take him to court on charges of piracy law.

While Screening of Shivaay at a theater in Dubai, KRK was watching the movie and making live review. In the cinema, he made a short clip of the film and shared it on twitter with the title as the “First scene of #Shivaay.” However, the controversial figure he apparently realized the goof-up and soon he deleted the tweet.

However, Kamaal R Khan again gave a post on Twitter and said that he never recorded any video but just took a picture of the title, Shivaay. Before his deleting the post on twitter, Shivaay Team already taken a screenshot of that short video of the opening scene.

That’s not all. In a series of tweets, KRK went on to slam the film and claimed that if Shivaay works well at the box office till Monday, he will never give reviews of another film in his entire life. He also posted on twitter, “If #Shivaay will work well at boxoffice then I will work as an office boy in @ajaydevgan’s production house for rest of my life. It’s my promise to the entire world.”

He also gave a bad review with one-star rating on youtube. Before releasing of this film in India, he will destroy the suspense and thrill part of the movie.

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